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Areas of application

Data & Document Security
Document security

Get increased security with control features, a monitoring panel, two-factor authentication, security rules, internal invoice approvals, immutable storage and more

Digital signature and encryption

Secure your customers with digital signatures and encryption on business documents


Batch numbers and Catch weight

Email and PDF signing with certificates

Minimize the risks of invoice tampering

Error notifications

Ensure high operational stability

Document Creation
Output Management

Printouts and reports out of the ERP system

Automated creation of customs documents

PDF toolkit for customs documents

Email templates

Easily customize to your company’s design

Managing emails

Email system for easy and intuitive customer communication

Member communication

Intelligent letter and document management for customer and member communication (One2One)

Document formatting
Closed offer

Become more competitive with a closed offer

Consumption and price specifications

Aggregated invoices

Image management

Increase purchase likelihood with people and product images

Production-oriented forms

Useful for those who sell items that require process descriptions and facts

Up-selling and branding on documents (TransPromo)

– Adds value to the invoice

Variant management

Get better and more customer-friendly sales orders

Distribution / Delivery

Send and distribute electronic documents in all EDI formats

EDI solution for Amazon

Efficient EDI solution for Amazon

Electronic invoicing

Send your business documents automatically and electronically and meet international legal requirements for e-invoicing

International trade

Support international EDI portals like B24

SMS messages

Send notifications to your customers or employees about order status, delivery and more

Workflow automation
Delivery note automation

One document gets all delivery notes out at once without manual handling

Dynamic labels

Microsoft Dynamics Warehouse Management Mobile App

Excel module and special button

The Excel module minimizes the time it takes to create documents

Inventory management

Use production label reports for efficient inventory management in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Price catalog (PRICAT)

Automated order management saves time, eliminates manual work and retains customers

Printer function

Streamline the management of TARIF codes on customs packing slips with smart printing

Compliance Management
Chinese characters and invoicing via Golden Tax System

Easy invoicing and VAT management in China

Electronic invoicing

Send your business documents automatically and electronically and meet international legal requirements for e-invoicing

Internal Reporting & Analytics
Autoform DM

A centralized archive for easy document storage


Archive, copy, move and clean up business documents with web archiving.

Input Management

Handling incoming orders and invoices.

Automatic payment overview for external

Streamline bookkeeping and save time

Statistics and status reports

Effective work tools to create an overview of performance

Integration with ERP & other systems
Data exchange

Web service module for easy data exchange to all systems

Digital mailbox

Integrate with e.g. e-Boks – without “programming” or managing a major IT project.

Synchronization of data

Changed data in the ERP system is automatically reflected on the website with data synchronization

System integration / Meta Client

System integration: upload documents to all systems

Sales documents

Integrate data from Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement (CE) on documents from D356 FO

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The Solution Guide is an inspiration catalog consisting of around 35 different challenges and solutions.

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