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Delivery note automation

One document gets all delivery notes out at once without manual handling.

Automate the entire flow around packing slips

Tabellae’s packing slip solution automates the entire flow of incoming packing slips from e.g. GLS, PostNord and UPS.

Without a dedicated delivery note management solution, you have to manually receive the delivery note. Then look up the ERP system, fill in the data and find the associated documents as purchase order documents, and they can be posted as one job.

The entire flow is fully automated with the Lasernet software component – saving hours of manual work and money.

Smart parcel management

Do you receive a lot of delivery notes from e.g. GLS and at the same time keep a folder with the purchase orders related to the delivery notes?

Then you can use one large document where you can print all the delivery notes you send in during the day and it all comes out at once.

Each delivery note can have the corresponding purchase orders and pages. Each of these should be on an A4 sized page, after which Tabellae can go into your database and extract various data about the individual products and shipments, which are then entered on part of an A4 page. Once they all go through, they need a data matrix code to figure out what number they are in the sequence and how to pack them into the printer, which then completes the operation. The Lasernet printer then reads barcodes and decides whether they should be folded and placed in one letter or another.

Get an overview of the applications

Want to learn more about the possibilities of using a Document Management solution from Tabellae and how we can help your business?

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Lennart Garbarsch, Partner