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Production-oriented forms

Useful for those who sell items that require process descriptions and facts.

Useful help document for your customers

In the sales and production industry, you may need a production-oriented form for your goods.

This is a technical document that describes the processes and facts about the product.

For example, in a company that manufactures bricks, this document can help the recipient with an instruction that specifies how something should be built. This helps the customer to use the product optimally.

Quick access to product specifications

Tabellae can create a document for your company’s production staff to print.

The document describes all the technical details that are also on the production-oriented form and helps you quickly print a specific specification from many places in Dynamics where you have a particular item open.

Benefits of production-oriented forms

Saves a lot of manual work

The document is used by many people every day in sales companies, and many hours can be saved every day by letting the software component Lasernet create the report.

Ensure correct database

The document also ensures that the employee knows that the correct technical information is exported with an item when they need to produce, for example, a special stone color code, weight indication and number.

Protect your brand identity

All technical information is listed and structured on the form so it looks the same every time and the user knows where to find the right information.

Enrich business documents

The document is also enriched with information about who the carrier is and totals across products. This ensures they can check that they have all the parts they need.

Eliminate time-consuming manual work

The report can be produced manually by looking at each line item on an order to be produced. Then all the parameters for the item are found in archives in D365, so they can be added together. The report requires some calculation, which can be avoided through automation. Lasernet produces this spreadsheet in a split second. This ensures you don’t have to wait for it to come through.

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