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Automated creation of customs documents

Streamline the creation of customs documents with Tabellae’s PDF Toolkit, which eases manual work in the process.

Trading may require manual handling

Do you import or export goods to Eastern Europe or are you planning to expand into these markets? In Eastern European customs systems, there is often only one way to create labels for customs clearance – via the public system that provides a service.

Through this service, companies can enter data and then receive a PDF in return. The PDF contains 8 individual labels that need to be printed, cut out and attached to the goods for import and export.

As a result, companies in Eastern Europe often have employees manually entering data and generating labels to accompany import and export goods. Basically, any kind of automation of workflow, label printing, etc. is impossible and time-consuming.

Automate customs documents

However, automation can be done using Tabellae’s PDF Toolkit, used to rotate, zoom, resize and cut out the individual documents being worked on.

Here you would take an A4 page with 8 labels on it, ‘cut’ it into 8 pieces, each with its own label, and send it through OCR (text recognition). Here, labels and barcodes are read and then sent through Lasernet. Based on this, labels are generated from the data that has been read.

This procedure ensures that the final output is sharp, with the right barcodes, and arrives at the customer’s label printer within seconds of receiving an email with the large PDF file. Most companies can release a person to do better, more meaningful work.

Commerce that requires a unified input and output solution

The solution requires both an Input and Output module, as it involves label printing from sent documents.

The input part is a big part of maneuvering around with data, moving it around and getting OCR recognition on it afterwards.

Finally, you turn it into output, where you take all the data you’ve lifted off and put it into a label printer. This is used to send the data to a Texas label printer, which is located where the employees are holding the goods and need to send them out.

Get an overview of the applications

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Lennart Garbarsch, Partner