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Automatic payment

Streamline bookkeeping and save time keeping track of everyone’s accounts and payments.

Streamline bookkeeping with automatic payments

Do you use a lot of external consultants?

If so, you may be familiar with the problem that it can take a long time to keep track of everyone’s accounts and payments.

With the standard Lasernet software, this overview and payroll can be automated. This means that the external consultants do not send invoices to you, but use time tracking, after which you do self-billing.

Better overview of external costs

No matter how big your business is, it’s nice to have a good, automated overview and payroll system.

This feature is great if you want to:

  • uses many external consultants
  • Want a better overview of costs and payments to external consultants
  • Want a better overview of expenses for smaller consulting assignments where the amounts are not large per assignment

Automatic payment to external parties

If you have many external consultants to pay, we recommend using time tracking and self billing for payroll with Lasernet.

This is done by automatically sending a monthly overview to your external consultants who have performed work for you.

If they have exceeded the threshold for payment, they will receive the remuneration for their work. If they have not exceeded the payment limit, they will receive a status of their earned salary and when they can receive it.

Get an overview of the applications

Want to learn more about the possibilities of using a Document Management solution from Tabellae and how we can help your business?

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Lennart Garbarsch, Partner