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Automated order management (PRICAT)

Automated order management saves time, eliminates manual work and retains customers.

Automation saves time handling orders

Do you order a lot of items and send a lot of quotes? Then a price-product catalog can help automate your order management.

The price-product catalog is an electronic document that contains all your products. It’s automatically sent to your customers at a time that makes sense for them, e.g. 6am in the morning in the manufacturing industry.

How a price product catalog works

Once the catalog is received, your customers can order goods – and the order placement is what creates an EDI order for you.

The process is completely electronic, so orders are read directly into the ERP system and processed automatically.

Once the order is processed, an electronic delivery note is generated and sent to the customer with the ordered goods, how they are packed in the container, etc.

Finally, an electronic invoice is sent back to the customer and, in some cases, a credit note.

Eliminates manual order management

This entire flow eliminates manual labor.

This eliminates the need to enter orders directly into the ERP system and manually create delivery notes and invoices.

It’s not a new catalog sent out every day, but the full catalog. A new catalog is only sent out if there are delta updates – i.e. changes to prices or goods in general, where the changes are sent in a PRICAT.

Tip: Did you know that EDI can save you a lot of manual work when it comes to ordering goods and the order fulfillment process? Using electronic document exchange can save you time and money.

Automated order management retains customers

Without a price product catalog implemented, customers are not automatically updated with prices and information in their own systems.

The price product catalog ensures that the customer’s underlying system is updated with correct data. Then, when the customer orders an item, there is certainty about color, dimension, weight, price, etc.

This ensures that the customer doesn’t go to a competitor with the same products because they have up-to-date data on the items – and it facilitates customer service due to fewer incorrect orders.

Get an overview of the applications

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