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Project reasons

A More Predictable Project

No one wants unpleasant surprises such as extra bills, increased project hours, or delayed go-live. All of that is avoided with Tabellae Best Practice, which is built on insights from over 600 completed projects and includes:

  • Pre-defined configurations
  • Best Practice implementation documentation and guides
  • Document package with ready-made templates

Project risks are minimized, helping you avoid unnecessary time consumption and hidden costs. Together, we enhance the chances of your ERP project taking off within the set timeframe and budget.

Minimizing Project Risks

For many solution architects and ERP providers, Tabellae is an essential part of the blueprint. Including Tabellae mitigates inefficiency, unlocks unlimited growth potential, and ensures seamless operations.
Excluding Tabellae from the solution proposal is considered risky, as it can impact:

  • Adherence to local and international regulations
  • Process efficiency
  • Customer experience
  • Document security
  • Scalability and adaptability (roll-out)
  • Maintenance burden

Experts Get the Project on Track from the Start

With over 70 Document Management specialists, you’re in capable hands.
Our specialists possess in-depth knowledge, from electronic invoicing to international document standards and beyond.

We’ve anticipated a wide range of risk scenarios and potential requirements. For instance, we ask the right questions from the outset, tame the complexity and scope of your business needs. This makes the project more predictable, preventing any endangerment of your project.

Smooth Collaboration with Clear Expectation

Our success hinges on your success. This principle applies when Tabellae collaborates as a subcontractor to ERP providers.

There are both successful and less successful projects. We understand that we can’t solve everything – collaboration is crucial, and our success depends on each other. Therefore, we’ve defined responsibilities, tools, purposes, and roles in all project phases. This clarity outlines what we expect from you and what you can expect from us.

Well Tested Implementation Model

With experience from over 600 customer projects across industries, we know how to efficiently reach the goal.
This is why all Tabellae projects are based on a thoroughly tested 11-phase implementation model. The model encompasses processes, methods, and project documents continuously refined over 13 years, enhancing the likelihood of an on-time and on-budget project launch.

The 4 elements of the model are:

1. Process Flow

Aligning expectations and defining the project’s scope prior to commencement helps us make your project more predictable, thus avoiding unnecessary time consumption and expenses.

The model includes:

  • Project plan with detailed phases, activities, tasks, and success factors
  • Role and responsibility description for the project
  • Pre-configured documents
  • Comprehensive implementation guide for client preparation

2. Project Management

A team of dedicated and experienced experts takes charge of the document aspect, thereby reducing project risks.

Project management includes:

  • Risk identification
  • Project timeline
  • Weekly status meetings to keep you updated on project status
  • Issue Management
  • Change Request Management
  • Reports on time usage and progress status – complete transparency
  • Keep focus on the goal

3. Project Tools

We have the tools – for before, during, and after implementation projects.
Through a series of processes, challenges, requirements, and adjustments are defined in line with customer expectations regarding scope and complexity.

4. Effective Communication

We’re there during the project and after go-live
You’ll receive weekly status meetings, detailed time usage reports, and progress updates, as well as:

  • Qualitative feedback through issue and change management
  • Guidance during testing procedures
  • Go-live assistance and HyperCare
  • Azure DevOps Governance
Don’t ask just anyone – ask Tabellae

Good project management and an experienced team play a crucial role in efficient implementation and subsequent operation.

Whether you want to learn more about our implementation strategy, timelines, resource allocation, or other project-related aspects, you are more than welcome to contact us.

Christian Ank, Project Manager