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Application Management Services (AMS)

Development and prevention

Tabellae offers a range of proactive services that prevent costly breakdowns, stabilize operations and simplify administration.

Business documents are essential to keep a business running smoothly. Small disruptions like printing issues or a report that stops working can have a big impact. Frequent cloud updates also increase the need for planning, coordination and continuous testing.

Tabellae’s AMS department supports the operation and development of your existing set-up. Tasks are e.g:

  • Development and upgrades to further improve your solution
  • Guidance and advice
  • Overview of your solution and its performance

Release Planning

Release Planning includes planning assistance in connection with system upgrades.

Expected benefits, risks and bug fixes in upcoming software versions are presented in relation to your installation. Based on your chosen ERP upgrade cycle, the recommended versions of e.g. Lasernet and Lasernet Connector are coordinated in a rolling annual cycle.

Planning assistance prevents costly surprises, supports your evergreen strategy and continuous business development.

Automatic monitoring

With continuous, automatic monitoring, Tabellae notifies you of any inappropriate events. For example.

  • Risk assessment and contingency plans
  • Health check
  • Event and trigger alarms
  • Dedicated Service Delivery Manager
  • Planning and monitoring service and support tasks and allocating resources
  • Monthly incident reporting

Automated Tests

Tabellae offers automated single and batch testing, including assistance in setting up checkpoints and reviewing general test material for Lasernet D365 F&O documents and reports.

Automated tests increase both quantity and quality and simplify the testing task in an ever-changing system environment. Our automated tests have multiple use cases:

  • Performance monitoring
  • Error messages
  • Process errors or incidents
  • Others

Preventive document security

To prevent fraud, ransomware and crashes, Tabellae offers a range of document security options. For example.

  1. Archiving in non-modifiable format (PDF/A)
  2. Digital signature on invoice
  3. Password protection (possibly for large invoices)
  4. Trigger alerts on vital data changes in D365 F&O
  5. Security on shipments
Want to learn more about an AMS agreement?

If you want to increase your operational stability after go-live, you can benefit from our Applications Management Services.

With an AMS agreement, you get a proactive solution that ensures any challenges are addressed before they become problems. Our AMS agreement also adapts to your evolving business, where needs and goals naturally change over time.

Steffen Meyer, Partner Account Manager