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Training and courses

Tabellae Academy strengthens your skills

Get certified in Input Management and Output Management
Tabellae Academy is in-depth courses in small classes. Get certified in methods and tools so you can maintain your solution yourself and become independent of external consultants – giving your business freedom and flexibility.

Document Management courses
Input Management

Online course via Teams

Output Management

On-site course in Br√łndby, Denmark or Helsingborg, Sweden.

Why invest in internal resources?

ERP documents can be more complex than expected

Professional documents that are timely, accurate and delivered in the correct format play a crucial role in any business.

In a changing world, it’s reassuring to be able to quickly make document changes and adapt your documents to new customer and regulatory requirements.

With a course from Tabellae, you’ll gain strong in-house document management skills that enable you to utilize your solution even better and handle most areas of Lasernet internally – including upgrades.

Download course catalog

Our extensive course catalog is tailored to upgrade your skills and set you up for success in handling reports and printouts in and out of the ERP system. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced in the field, we have courses to suit your needs.