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Error notifications

When you need high operational stability

Optimize the bookkeeping with error notifications

Have you ever experienced a customer not receiving an invoice? Imagine that your accounts receivable department asks you why the customer hasn’t received an invoice, and in your investigation of the problem, you discover that the customer never received it. If you use EDI, you can have a huge challenge with invoices not being delivered, if they aren’t delivered correctly.

Reasons why invoices aren’t delivered

Non-receipt can be caused by many different factors. However, the typical errors relate to errors within the master data. They occur because the system can’t do better than the data it receives. Master data must be consistent and correct to avoid errors. The most common types of errors are:

  • Incorrect email address, e.g., without @, misspelled or inactive email address.
  • Incorrect GLN number, so EDI is routed incorrectly.

Non-receipt can be avoided with something as simple as error notifications via email.

Get notifications of errors

When an email is sent from Dynamics 365, it’s not possible to see whether the mail delivery went good or bad. You can only see that the email has been sent. Lasernet knows whether it has been delivered or not, but is not able to deliver the information back to D365 – unless it has been set up to do so.

Error notifications ensure high operation stability

Tabellae can ensure high operational stability by setting up a series of rules in Lasernet to send an error notification via email to the right people, e.g., 2 end users, 1 from IT and the EDI manager, if something went wrong.

The different security measures we support include:

  • Error notifications when errors occur from the mail module
  • Notification to the end user in case of e.g., non-delivery of an invoice, e.g., because the recipient’s email address is without @
  • Receive the documents containing errors
  • Set up rules for when the different security notifications are used

Notifications can be set up for every time something fails, or just for critical errors.

High operational stability and more resources

Security notifications have several benefits:

  • Documents are delivered where they need to go
  • Avoid missing paid invoices
  • Free up resources to spend time on other tasks
  • If desired, Tabellae can get a copy of the failed document/email so we can help with the ’clean-up’ work – e.g., if there are many notifications or a need for a vacation replacement

You can also use the solution to improve your master data. E.g. if you have 400 error messages a day, you can correct every incoming error and end up with only 10 error notifications per month.

How to get started

All you need to do to get started is to define the rules you want to set up. Tabellae will help you ask the right questions about current security challenges and wishes for a future solution.

Afterwards, Tabellae implements the solution, and we’ll have a follow up meeting about the errors that occurs. It takes 4-8 hours to set up (depending on the complexity).

The solution can be implemented for all ERP systems as it only requires access to data.

Get an overview of the applications

Want to learn more about the possibilities of using a Document Management solution from Tabellae and how we can help your business?

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Kristian Truesen, Key Account Manager