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About Tabellae

Our +70 specialists know everything about reports, printouts, and documents from ERP systems, contributing to the success of your ERP project within time and budget.

Tabellae is the ERP system’s best friend

As an internationally recognized consulting firm in document management, we have assisted more than 600 companies globally to efficiently handle everything that comes out of an ERP system, for instance, delivery notes, labels, and invoices. As a result they have been able to:

  • minimize risks in the ERP project
  • interact effectively with customers
  • future-proof their ERP system for a changing world

Tabellae streamlines document management, ensuring that the overall solution becomes easier to maintain, cheaper to upgrade, and goes live within time and budget.

Tabellae in 2 minutes

Chosen by leading ERP providers

We assist our partners and clients in succeeding with the implementation of ERP projects, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, Business Central, NAV, SAP, and more. External documents aren’t the core focus of ERP houses, which is why Tabellae is chosen to deliver that aspect of the ERP project – in all graphical and electronic formats.

A reliable partner
Tabellae is a privately owned company that has grown from 4 to 6 countries and from 30 to 70 employees over the past 5 years. Our team is distributed across 7 offices in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Germany, and the USA. Throughout Tabellae’s 13 years, there has been continuous growth in all key metrics. Additionally, we were a Gazelle company for 3 years.

Enhancing the ERP system and customer possibilities

While others talk products, we discuss business needs
That’s why we have over 70 specialists dedicated to future-proofing your customers’ delivery notes, labels, barcodes, integrations, attachments, electronic invoicing, EDI, and more.

Our specialists increase the chances of going live quickly and ensure that companies can evolve without starting over when business needs change. In a changing world, this is crucial – and cost-effective.

Our expertise
Output Management

By streamlining the printing, distribution, and archiving of documents, we ensure that the right documents reach the right people in the most efficient manner.

Input Management

We provide solutions for incoming business documents that automate supplier and creditor invoices, orders, delivery notes with signatures and receipts for goods receipt.


We also handle electronic document exchange and can act as your EDI supplier – both much faster and cheaper than alternative solutions.

Working life at Tabellae

Work shouldn’t compete with our lives – it should be part of our lives. From coffee machine meetings to shared breakfasts and Friday bars. At Tabellae, our workplace is a great place to be for all of us.

Let’s work together

We can help you make your ERP project go live on time and within budget, ensuring that the document solution meets your business needs – now and in the future.

Call or write to me to learn more.

Lennart Garbasch, CEO and partner