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Printer function for VAT codes

Streamline the management of TARIF codes on customs packing slips with smart printing.

Supports trading with many VAT codes

Do you send many different items with VAT codes abroad, especially to non-EU countries? You can save a lot of manual work with a single feature.

There are a huge number of VAT codes depending on the industry and importing country – and this can result in time-consuming development of customs accompanying documents if you don’t use aggregations.

VAT codes are cumbersome in standard ERP

For example, if you trade with Norway, which is not an EU country, you need TARIF codes on the customs packing slip. It is an import VAT code, also known as HS code, and they must be added together at the bottom of the customs packing slip. Norway, for example, has four VAT codes for the import of glasses, due to different VAT codes for materials such as titanium, which are subject to VAT.

If, on the other hand, you work in retail, selling various products such as furniture, lamps, etc. there are even more VAT codes.

Get a print button that totals the VAT codes

With LaserNet’s printer features, you can do more than print – you can also create summaries, merge documents, etc. This is done with Tabellae’s print button, which we recommend naming based on what you have set Lasernet to do with the button, e.g. Summary or Merge-PDF.

The print button is relevant when e.g. TARIF codes need to be summarized for customs authorities. When goods enter the country, they are accompanied by a customs accompanying note to customs authorities, also known as a shipment list, which includes a summary of all the TARIF codes the goods have. Summaries are an important tool for saving internal time – and eliminating the need to do them manually.

The print button can also be used to merge multiple reports into one file and optionally put this file in a folder or send it in an email. Here we recommend naming the button Merge-PDF. The possibilities to pre-define a print button and what Lasernet should do when it is used are many

Get an overview of the applications

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