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Autoform DM

A centralized archive for easy document storage

Autoform DM makes document storage easy

Autoform DM is a digital centralized archive for easy document storage. It brings efficiency to your enterprise organization and is a natural add-on to your existing Lasernet solution.

With the solution, it’s possible to:

  • Store documents or objects from multiple sources
  • Quickly find data and documents
  • Control access
  • Easily share content due to a proven API
How does Autoform DM works?
1. Log into the archive via a browser
2. Choose archive (if several)
3. Search
4. See the document and print, email or apply notes

Archiving flow with Autoform DM

Autoform DM vs. Lasernet’s own archive solution
No limitation

Autoform DM can store millions of documents (no limit) vs. Lasernet’s own archive have an exact limit.

Easy sharing

You can easily share your content externally with everyone and internally due to the robust and proven API tested by 100’s of people.

Access options

Autoform DM content can be driven on user, application etc. There is an open range of secure options to access files like using hybrid document encryption, LDAP integration, a customisable audit trail, and regular software updates.

Autoform vs. Sharepoint


  • Built front view easy
  • One add on license
  • No technical dept – everyone can handle the solution
  • No need for configuration or development for to archive documents. Non-technical people can use it
  • Fast to install and learning takes a couples of days


  • Harder to built front view
  • Not free – depends on license agreement
  • If you’re building a technical solution and the responsible leave, you have technical depts
  • Needs configuration and development to archive document. You need technical people to start using it
  • Takes days and effort to install and learn
Advantages with Autoform DM
View everything in the same place (D365)

You don’t have to go several places to look for documents – view everything in D365 in the archive.

Comprehensive permission matrix

Autoform DM enables us to build any permission level. The end user get to what they need, user level, application level etc. – and that improves the end user experience.

Store outbound and share externally

Autoform DM has the ability to store outbound. Once the content is in DM, we can share it externally (and internally) with anyone with APIs, that results in endless number of distribution options. In this way, you can fast and secure access your documents across different platforms.

Removes costs

With Autoform DM, you can turn off old systems of and thereby remove costs. There is also no limitation on document storage, so you don’t have to spend money on more storage space.

Full EDMS capabilities

You get a full electronic document management solution, comprehensive searches, retention policies, and a standalone product alone.

Improve efficiency

The archive removes silos in organizations and you get fast and comprehensive searches that improves efficiency.

Get an overview of the applications

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Kristian Truesen, Key Account Manager