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EDI solution for Amazon

Efficient EDI solution for Amazon: Send your business documents automatically and electronically to Amazon.

Smart order management and web selling with Amazon

Amazon already has a large share of the international market and has recently established and expanded in Sweden. Some Nordic companies are already connected to Amazon’s web portal – though typically not in a smart way.

Tabellae’s EDI solution for Amazon has many benefits: automation, less manual work and time saved.

The solution saves time in sales support because all documents are created automatically. This frees up a lot of resources in support, as employees can spend time on other tasks instead of entering orders into the system and manually creating confirmations, delivery notes and invoices.

Connect to Amazon Vendor with EDI

We can’t know when Amazon will arrive – but they will. Does your business have a plan for when the Amazon giant invades the rest of Europe?

If you do business with Amazon and use their web portal – or plan to – your company can optimize your workflows with an EDI solution integrated to Amazon’s web portal, Amazon Vendor Portal.

Amazon Vendor uses EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to send and receive information about orders, shipments and invoices. Amazon has a very well-documented description of messages, formats and how to exchange documents – all of which can be handled efficiently with the Lasernet software component from Tabellae.

Efficient EDI solution for Amazon

Tabellae has developed a full-blown solution against Amazon’s web portal, providing a standardized setup.

Instead of manually submitting Excel spreadsheets with product and inventory data to Amazon, downloading orders, creating order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices, etc. the process is now done electronically via the EDIFACT standard – saving time and resources and eliminating inefficiencies on the bottom line.

You receive an EDIFACT order from Amazon, which is read directly into your ERP system, where all necessary documents are automatically generated.

How does EDI to Amazon work?

In Tabellae’s EDI solution, the EDI document ‘inventory report’ is used, which contains all items in stock and the number of units.

The report does not contain any prices, it only includes inventory and expected delivery time.

Every morning you send this inventory report, also known as an inventory list, to Amazon. Then, when a customer orders goods from Amazon, they can see what’s in stock at the company. This means that the customer does not order an item that is out of stock or has a delivery time of 6 months.

Once a customer has purchased a product, the company receives an EDI order from Amazon, which is read directly into their ERP system via Lasernet. Then EDI documents such as purchase order confirmation, shipping notification, invoice and costs are also generated using EDI. Lasernet.

Operational and security excellence with Amazon EDI

Lasernet is set up so that when orders are received, they are stored in a library from which the ERP system can retrieve them. In addition, Tabellae has set up monitoring from the LaserNet side that checks if there are files in this directory. If so, an email is sent to sales support to ensure that the import into the ERP system runs automatically.

– This way, the entire flow is fully automated and downtime is avoided.

Companies will also be able to set a number of security criteria for the solution, which are enforced internally. This could be an upper limit for ordering goods to protect against cheating – for example, if a customer orders goods for DKK 100,000, an employee must come in to approve the order.

Get an overview of the applications

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Lennart Garbarsch, Partner