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Sales documents

with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Lasernet is one platform for both Operations and Sales documents

Create quotes and other sales documents that come from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) with the Lasernet software component. This makes it easy to control both your sales and operational documents with a single design tool.

The Lasernet Connector for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement combines data from both D365 FO and D365 CE – simply and without coding – and Tabellae makes it easy to manage the two different platforms.

With Lasernet, you get a connector that covers two Microsoft products (Dynamics 365 FO and Dynamics 365 CE). The Lasernet connector for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement unifies document management for both – both field services and other modules that are combined in it.

Combine data from D365 FO and D365 CE

Lasernet Connector for D365 CE creates a solution that provides centralized control and the ability to combine multiple data sources within the Dynamics product suite.

For example, Lasernet can create sales documents such as quotes that come from Microsoft Customer Engagement (CE) – regardless of the application: Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Product Service Automation or Social Engagement. It can be a quote or an offer from CE, where images of the product are downloaded in FO.

Achieve the following with Lasernet for MS Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement
Preview function
The connector has an integrated preview function that allows you to view documents before they are sent. The previewed document is considered the final format.
Data from multiple sources

It’s now easy to use data from Customer Engagement (Entities) and Finance and Operations (Tables) on the same report. You can process the most simple to the most complex output requirements, easily connecting data from Dynamics.

Fire consistency

Get the same branding on all documents across all areas within Dynamics, no matter which department creates them.

Simplified management of printer devices

Lasernet adds a print dialog with the option to print to screen, email or print to any printer, on-premise or Cloud. Lasernet also offers direct print output to a defined printer, tray or location in silent mode.

Document design on your terms

Get one design tool for all documents across applications. Lasernet makes it easy to implement logos, images and more with its simple, graphical interface. When a document is created with Lasernet developer, you can see exactly what is being printed and handle page breaks and formatting in a graphical interface.

Improved features with the email dialog
Lasernet comes with an email dialog box where it is possible to select recipient, subject etc. These can be customized after the report to ensure accuracy and consistency. Of course, this can also be set up to happen automatically. Attachments can be added to the document with setup via the Lasernet connector settings – no coding required.
Flexible distribution in multiple formats
Lasernet for CE provides highly flexible destination configuration without coding. Many different output channels can be used to ensure customers receive documents in the desired format such as XML, WORD, CSV and Excel.
Logic Apps and flexible control over line items
Lasernet supports Logic Apps.

Lasernet for D365 CE is relevant when your business is experiencing the following issues:

Standard Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement has its limitations. If you’re experiencing issues with any of the following, consider investing in Lasernet for Dynamics Customer Engagement.

Previews are shown in the same window and there is a need to close the main document to see the previous document. The preview also doesn’t look like the final document.

There are limited options to define the destination (printer, email, PDF etc.) and no “flow” can be configured. There are also no default or failover destinations.

Designing documents
Implementing document changes is difficult and updating reports requires a programmer. There is no functionality for viewing/inserting page breaks or managing individual lines. On screen, documents appear as one page but print as multiple pages.

You will experience limited options with the standard Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement email dialog, and it is not possible to include additional attachments to emails.

Why choose Lasernet CE Connector?

The Lasernet CE Connector offers a new level of distribution options that can even send emails to predefined destinations without having to choose templates.

Advanced distribution rules can be created to ensure that the document is only received or printed by the person or department it is intended for.

With standardized branding across all documents, regardless of who creates it, the Lasernet CE Connector can create documents in any format (e.g. XML, Word, CSV and Excel) and print directly to any printer worldwide.

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