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Email management

Powerful email system for organizations that want to communicate professionally, easily and intuitively with members and customers.

Send emails that get read

Isn’t an email just an email, you might be thinking? No, it isn’t. If you receive a colorful email, you tend to be more interested in the content of the email than if you receive an email in black and white.

The Lasernet software component for sending business emails is a great tool for creating HTML designs with logos, graphics, images and dynamic texts. This means you can enrich the email with all the data you want – and design the email exactly the way you want.

With Lasernet’s email feature, we can add logos, colored footers, links, etc. to create a design that lives up to your brand identity and visual expression. A consistent brand expression creates a professional brand and a better brand experience for your customers.

Efficient email system for member communication

Intuitive link management with user data
With the mail system, you can manage links based on customer data. customer data. If you offer subscriptions, you can, for example, switch between recipients’ different subscriptions by placing them under each other in the mail body. Links are controlled via Lasernet and are automatically switched when the recipient presses it. If the recipient clicks on the ‘Subscription X’ link, they will be directed to the sender’s website for this membership.

Responsive emails
It is also possible to create responsive designs with Lasernet. This ensures that you don’t have to think about sizes in relation to the what format you view the email in. Whether you open the email on desktop or mobile, the email adapts to the device.

Easy email management improves customer service

For example, if purchase orders are distributed via the email channel, the recipient can see that the business document comes from you as a trading partner, but that it is, for example, from your purchasing department. In addition, the buyer’s name, email and phone number can be added to the email.

This ensures that when the email is issued by Lasernet, it is beautifully set up with your logo, sender, etc. – and even though Lasernet actually created the entire email, it looks like a personal email from the local buyer.

All of this information improves the customer experience and service if your customers need to contact you afterwards, as contact details are clear.

Manage many different customer groups with data-rich attachments

Emails with data-rich attachments

Do you often attach attachments to customer emails? Then use LaserNet’s attachment feature, which eliminates the manual work of retrieving files.

The solution is used to retrieve all the documents from your ERP system that need to be sent to the customer – e.g. emails that require attachments such as terms and conditions for a newly signed subscription. The document is downloaded as a PDF file in a folder that contains the membership conditions for the subscription that each customer has.

The attachments can be anything from 1-5 files, but usually there are only 1 or 2 types of memberships to choose from. However, there is no limit on attachments with the email feature if more than 5 are needed.

Better communication

Emails can also be enriched with information about the content of the order and where it should be delivered. We include this information in the email so that the recipient receives a high level of information with the attached documents. It provides a quick overview and a great customer experience.

Usually there are also limits on the number of attachments in an email. This is not the case here, as with Lasernet and the ERP system we set up a logic for fully automated attachments. This ensures that extra documents are automatically added to the email, such as delivery terms.

We can also ensure that a specific document is attached to the email if the recipient is within a specific customer group, language or similar. This allows you to handle many different customer groups and ensure they automatically receive the right information.

Get an overview of the applications

Want to learn more about the possibilities of using a Document Management solution from Tabellae and how we can help your business?

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Lennart Garbarsch, Partner