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Increased security, control and overview

Increase security with monitoring, broadcast control, two-factor authentication, security rules and internal invoice approvals.

Get better control and monitoring

The software component Lasernet has a control function and a monitoring panel called Lasernet Client. It can be used to monitor what could potentially go wrong and allows you to do things manually, such as changing fields. With Lasernet Client you can:

  • Ensure the correct exchange of documents
  • Increase safety
  • Get better management and overview of failed jobs
  • Monitor job queues with incoming and outgoing documents
  • Dealing with time-shifted jobs and failed jobs
  • Re-schedule the sending of documents
  • Pause jobs or release paused jobs
  • Check and review documents before sending
  • Get automatic warnings before sending – e.g. unnatural amounts of money, system errors or format errors
  • Receive incoming supplier invoices

Monitoring and control can be used throughout the organization

The Lasernet Client control and monitoring panel is free and you already have it as a Lasernet customer. It’s a tool that comes automatically with Tabellae’s Lasernet Output Management solution and can be used to extend the enjoyment and use of the solution.

Lasernet Client can be used in several places in the organization – both in the IT department, the accounting department and in the business, where the tool can be very useful and act as a kind of ‘middle station’ or ‘checkpoint’.

Lasernet Client is NOT an electronic archive for long-term storage, but can be used as a short-term archive.

Monitor shipments with business rules

We recommend setting up business rules to ensure that unusual events are captured. This could be a rule that sensitive documents such as reminders or credit notes require an extra check and can be reviewed for errors before they are sent. It can also be an upper limit on ordering goods to protect against cheating – for example, an employee must approve orders over £10,000.

Furthermore, it can detect if there are errors in the sending process, such as print queues or delivery of documents for emailing, so that action can be taken.

Sending and receiving EDI and XML is often something that happens in the background. With Lasernet Client, you can monitor and correct any errors in the formats or in the sending of EDI via FTP or web service. This ensures that the document is sent manually and handled in the event of system or format errors.

Control the sending of documents

If you send a lot of invoices, it can be difficult to control when each one is sent. Better control over broadcasts can be achieved with Lasernet Client and an in-house billing team.

The team can monitor how many invoices come in from external systems and how many are sent out via Lasernet.

Once the invoicing has run through and all documents have been generated, they are paused in Lasernet Client. The billing team then agrees that they expect, for example, 1,000 invoices to come in, which must also be sent out via Lasernet – either in print, email or electronically. The team will then reconcile each invoice and once approved, they release the documents to the Lasernet Client and send them to customers. The procedure ensures that you can control when all invoices are sent out by email, to the printer and electronically.

Send documents in batches

Normally, business documents are sent directly to the customer when “print” is pressed in the ERP system. With Lasernet Client, you can wait to send business documents until all documents are ready to be sent at once at a specific time.

Good advice: Spend the night and be ready in the morning Creating large PDFs is time-consuming. We therefore recommend running reports in batches at night. Then the material is ready the next morning.

Attaching attachments to the business document before sending

It is also possible to attach attachments to business documents manually in Lasernet Client before sending them to specific customers. However, if all customers need to receive receipts, this is best done automatically in Lasernet.

Get an overview of the applications

Want to learn more about the possibilities of using a Document Management solution from Tabellae and how we can help your business?

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Lennart Garbarsch, Partner