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Technical reasons

Quickly ready for testing

Tabellae implements Output Management using a standardized Best Practice package including a document package and implementation guides.

This allows us to quickly produce a first draft of the documents ready for testing, including User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

What’s more, the advantage of our flexible document configuration is that there is no ERP development. Normally, development tasks need to be tested, deployed to the QA environment, tested again and deployed to Production. With our flexible document configuration, there is no need for ERP development and changes can be easily lifted from Test/UAT to Production without ‘downtime’.

Expert knowledge and technology

Tabellae uses document management software that supports different business needs.

Electronic formats
All electronic formats are supported, such as PEPPOL and OIOUBL, and Tabellae’s 70+ consultants have extensive experience in the field.

Print Management and Cloud printing
Tabellae also has experience with printer management, cloud printing and follow me printing – e.g. integration to production devices and label printing directly in production.

Integration with Warehouse labels
The technology also supports integration with Warehouse labels, such as document routing and mobile label printing.

Software we use

Tabellae has extensive knowledge of different types of software, both Cloud and On-premise. We are a service provider for several solutions and can advise you on choosing the software that matches your needs – both today and as your business evolves.

Microsoft Configurable Business Documents

The free version for simple needs.

Formpipe Lasernet

The Swiss Army Knife for complex needs.

Easy solution for reports and printing in MS D365 Business Central.

Microsoft’s built-in free tool for projects with few external reports with a fixed, minimalist layout.

Other solutions

We have good understanding of alternative software.

Reduced time-to-market

No customers can wait weeks for business-critical documents.

Therefore, adding and changing documents is a risky business. Tabellae’s solutions support:

  • an easy-to-use interface to design and customize documents
  • all output formats, e.g. PDF, HTML and XML
  • all distribution channels such as email, print and EDI

It allows you to easily create visually appealing documents delivered on the customer’s terms.

Good system architecture

Tabellae’s best practices ensure that the solution contains the right elements:

  • Software tools for creating and formatting documents, e.g. DDS.
  • Data integration: Integration with databases, CMS, CRM systems, etc. to retrieve data for document generation.
  • Template management: System for defining and managing document templates with placeholders for dynamic data.
  • Document generation engine: Merges templates with data to generate final documents in different formats.
  • Print management: Manage document distribution through printing, electronic delivery or integration with EDMS/CCM platforms.
  • Supports document review, audit and approval processes. For example, Implementation guide and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) so that reports or fixes are always tested before going into production.
  • Security and access control: authentication, authorization, encryption and compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Analysis and reporting: Provides insights into document generation patterns and performance.
  • Scalability and integration: Can handle increasing document volumes and integrate with other systems or services.
  • Regular backups and a disaster recovery plan for data and system configurations.

High performance and easy to scale

As a business evolves, document volumes increase. Therefore, an Output Management solution should be scalable.

Tabellae’s solutions process and generate large volumes of documents without impacting ERP system performance. At the same time, the solutions are easy to scale and ensure a well-functioning infrastructure:

  1. Efficient document workflows
  2. Secure storage and easy retrieval of documents
  3. Seamless integration with your ERP system

Complies with compliance and includes high security

Tabellae’s solutions make compliance easy. Our +70 specialists are familiar with regulatory requirements, both country-specific and industry-specific, and bring the latest knowledge to the projects.

We also offer digital signature, encryption and document verification, and our solutions include monitoring and analytics functionality. This enables your customers to optimize their setup.

Well-documented track record

More than 600 implementation projects in 30 countries and across ERP systems and industries.

Our specialist knowledge in both output management and output management is unparalleled in the industry and will benefit you in your projects.

Good interaction with ERP system

When you use Tabellae’s specialists and implementation model, you avoid jeopardizing your project.

We know all about documents and printing, but also have extensive experience with business processes in the ERP system. That’s why we can factor in risk scenarios and possible requirements – and give you a solution that’s technically sound.

Want to know more?

Whether you have a clear idea of the technical solution or just want to explore the possibilities, you are more than welcome to contact us.

Our experienced team of technical specialists are ready to help, whether you have questions about software, hardware integration, system architecture or anything else.

Kim Israelsen, VP Operations