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Economic reasons

Adhere to the estimates

Output Management is a small but risky area that can cause the time spent on an ERP project to spiral out of control. ERP documents are easily underestimated, leaving the risk of errors and patchwork solutions.

The document part without Tabellae:

  1. typically takes around three times longer than estimated
  2. adds up to hundreds of hours of additional costs that could have been avoided
  3. often requires multiple smaller ‘solutions’ to cover all document needs (which means more solutions to maintain)

Go live on time and on budget
Tabellae makes the document part of the ERP project predictable. This makes the overall project easier to estimate, keeps time and finances on track, and the project goes live within the agreed time and scope.

Short payback time

Document management with Tabellae is a financially sound business case. The cost of document exchange and development is significantly reduced. This results in a short payback time, typically well under a year.

Return of Investment (ROI) is particularly fast if one of the following factors is met:

  • You get new products, markets or visual identity
  • You do business in multiple countries, markets or entities
  • You have different documents for different recipients with different requirements, for example
    • business needs change changes in legislation and standards
    • changing company structure, divesting, merging or acquiring (M&A)

Faster daily workflows

The right tool makes ERP implementation faster and subsequent document maintenance easier – even if you’re not an IT professional.

It becomes significantly faster to create, develop, maintain and distribute business documents. For example, order confirmations and invoices for individual requirements and changing needs. The ongoing savings in time and consultancy costs accumulate and can free up resources elsewhere in the business.

No surprises

ERP documents can be surprisingly complex and time-consuming. By using Tabellae, the time spent on the document part doesn’t run out. You can count on the estimated time spent, which minimizes risks and gives you a better project payback.

Working with Tabellae, you can look forward to:

  • Weekly reporting in relation to Hourly consumption and progress
  • Full transparency in consumption
  • Collaboration all the way

Many areas of application

The applications for a Document Management solution are many and varied. This makes the investment a great business case.

Many of our customers continue to discover new challenges that can be solved with an Output Management solution. They are amazed at how document management can be used to solve even complex challenges across business processes, and talk about how it’s a ‘gift that keeps on giving’.

Calculate your business case

Good Output Management reduces costs, increases efficiency, minimizes errors and improves resource management.

Contact us for an assessment of your expected investment needs, return of investment and ongoing savings for using different types of software.

Lennart Garbarsch, Partner