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Send SMS messages with Lasernet

Send notifications to your customers or employees, e.g. when an item has arrived.

SMS update on order process

There can be a number of benefits to sending notifications to your customers’ mobile phones or to employees based on an action, alert or shipment in the ERP system.

By using the software component Lasernet, sending notifications to customers or employees via SMS can be fully automated and cost-effective.

SMS application for the ERP system

SMS text messaging can be a useful way to update your customers or trading partners.

SMS with the ERP system can be used for:

  • With Lasernet SMS, a printed delivery note can automatically send the recipient a notification of the upcoming delivery or partial delivery.
  • Drivers or front desk staff can automatically receive notifications via SMS about delivery note content, backorders, new destination, etc.
  • If a credit note of more than DKK 5,000 is printed, an SMS is automatically sent to the sales manager containing the customer name, seller name, amount, date and any free text about the reason.
  • Manually send SMS to your employees and customers from Outlook or Notes. Incoming SMS messages can also be turned into emails and distributed.

How it works

Based on a printout from the ERP system, Lasernet captures the recipient number, combines it with a security code and sends the SMS as a regular email to a so-called SMS gateway, which transforms and sends the SMS on the mobile network.

There is a full log of any errors that can be accessed by an administrator. Lasernet can already receive return responses via email, or as SMS via the SMS Gateway if desired. Lasernet can react based on the content of a received SMS.

Safety and security
A unique security code is generated and embedded in the Lasernet. This ensures that no unauthorized text messages can be sent from the company’s account.

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