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An ERP solution with low total cost of ownership

Good Output Management can do wonders for a business.
It can transform complicated processes, adding agility, scalability and making it easier to adapt to increasing customer and regulatory demands.

By including Tabellae in your ERP project, you’ll spend less time on ongoing maintenance, operations and compliance. The ERP system is enriched and the total cost of ownership of the ERP solution is minimized because Tabellae does not code directly in the ERP system.

Expand your services and capabilities

Business documents are not usually a core competency of ERP vendors. The area is complex, risky and difficult to estimate.

That’s why the best ERP vendors leave the document part to Tabellae. This expands resources on projects and improves the quality of delivery.

Tabellae complements the ERP house’s services and enables you to offer a range of services that can retain your customers for many years.

You don’t need to bring in your own Document Management consultants, train them and keep them busy in a niche area that is not your core competency. Tabellae has the necessary volume – both in number of consultants, customers and experience. We do nothing but Document Management and have experience from more than 600 customers.

Stay ahead of your competitors

With Tabellae, your company can evolve and customize business documents without limitations. For example, add people and product images, graphs and usage statements. It can provide:

  1. More satisfied customers and better customer communication
  2. Fewer customer inquiries to the wrong employees and less pressure on customer service
  3. More accepted offers
  4. Faster payment of invoices
  5. Increased additional sales

A developing world – without development

A wrong Output Management choice can limit a business for many years and leave the ERP system short in a changing world as the business evolves or when:

Regulatory requirements change
For example, new security requirements, customs systems, standards, regulations, laws, special document formats or mandatory electronic invoicing requirements in multiple countries.

Changing customer demands
Your customers place new demands on you when they acquire new business areas, new entities, more customers, enter new countries, make acquisitions, split up or grow organically. For example, they may request a specific document format or field – or have special requirements for labels.

Complex becomes simple

Documents don’t take up much of the overall ERP budget, but can be more complex and risky than most people assume.
With Tabellae, you increase the likelihood of going live on time and on budget. At the same time, you make the ERP system more user-friendly in the long run.

  • The implementation project becomes more predictable
  • Avoid unnecessary time, project delays and budget overruns
  • Minimize hidden costs for ongoing maintenance

“What a ‘relaxed’ go-live – especially on the document side. It just works!”

Tina Bang Jørgensen
Dynamixs 365FO-specialist, IT Program Manager
Tempur Sealy International, Inc.

Minimize risks and stay on budget

When you use Tabellae’s specialists and best practice implementation model, you avoid jeopardizing your ERP project.

Our specialists know everything about what goes in and out of the ERP system, namely documents and printouts. With more than 600 implementation projects under our belt, we also have extensive experience with business processes and project factors around the ERP system.

That’s why we can incorporate most scenarios and possible requirements from your customers and suppliers – and give you a solution that matches your needs – now and in the future.

Want to hear more?

Good output management results in efficient processes, consistent documents, higher customer satisfaction, better resource management, increased scalability, error reduction, compliance, and savings in time and money. For example.

  • A good invoice makes handling easy for the recipient
  • Labels with images get your parcels through customs quickly
  • SMS provides a good overview of the shipping process

If you’d like to learn more about the business benefits you can achieve, please contact us.

Lennart Garbarsch, Partner