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PDF signing with certificates

For you who handle large invoices and want to minimize the risks of invoice tampering

High security with file certificates

Hackers have found it easier to intercept your invoices, change the account number, and divert the money their way.

However, this can be avoided by signing invoices using certificates like Global Sign, Trakk, or Adobe. These certificates confirm that the invoice hasn’t been tampered with during transmission and comes from a trustworthy sender.

High security with file certificates
Certificates provide high security and eliminate the risk of invoice fraud. They must be obtained from an external provider, but it’s a great business case if you receive a few but substantial invoices for payment.

Automated validation

The solution involves adding a certificate to the PDF using Lasernet, and it’s attractive because it automatically validates the PDF. You won’t need a person to manually verify the invoice since it’s certified.

Supports mail certificates
You can also bulk sign emails sent from Lasernet with an approved certificate. It protects both email and the attached documents. It’s possible to automate the process via Lasernet and sign selected documents and document types. This requires a ”Trusted Root Certificate” approved by Microsoft, as well as the Lasernet module ”Mail Output” (the latter is included in the standard Lasernet license).

Get started quickly

This security enhancement can be set up in just one hour, and you won’t have to worry about paying the wrong recipient anymore.

When you’re up and running, you can sign in bulk and for selected document types – e.g., invoices. It will be possible to receive the signed documents in an Input Management system – such as Lasernet Input Management or similar.

The advanced version
An advanced version of the solution is also available, where Lasernet can figure out how to apply the right certificate depending on which company it is, as well as having multiple certificates from the same company and use different ones.

* The solution requires the add-on module ”PDF Security” from Formpipe. The largest supplier of certificates is GlobalSign, but there are also cheaper players on the market for signing PDF files with certificates.

Get an overview of the applications

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