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Up-selling and branding on documents (TransPromo)

Add graphics, promotions, barcodes, QR codes, colors, people and product images to your invoices – and turn them into a sales tool.

Attract attention – while you’re communicating

With the software component Lasernet, companies can communicate in a targeted, personalized and graphical way via otherwise “marketing-dead” documents such as invoices, bank statements and order confirmations – turning transaction documents into sales tools or information carriers.

The invoice often doesn’t generate much interest from the recipient – the focus is typically on the amount, payment details and approval. But why not also create a process that creates demand for even more business? With Lasernet TransPromo, you can, for example, draw attention to complementary products while you still have the recipient’s attention.

* TransPromo is already part of the Lasernet solution and therefore does not incur any additional costs.

Promotional communication

TransPromo is a term for ‘transaction’ and ‘promotion’ in the same context. It is used to add relevant messages that promote your products and/or services on transactional documents such as invoices, order confirmations, bills, and bank statements.

On all transaction documents, Lasernet can add e.g:

  • Graphs with consumption or inventory figures
  • Offers on accessories or service
  • Vouchers and promotions
  • QR codes
  • Competitions

TransPromo delivers measurable results

Many of our customers reap big rewards by dressing their documents in a friendly information apron:

  • The message comes through clearly
  • Increased return response (for campaigns)
  • Opportunity for upselling
  • Less distribution, handling and transaction costs
    (Lasernet does it all for you)
  • Fewer questions and support costs (and fewer misunderstandings)
  • Higher loyalty and belonging
  • Better Brand Image

Easy management of TransPromo in Lasernet

Possibility of colored tables
In Dynamics 365, you cannot create tables in different colors without costly coding. With Lasernet, we can create colored tables including the option to color manage the table columns. We can also add colored lines in an email.

Managing graphics in Lasernet needs to be handled intelligently – especially if it needs to be dynamic. When working with images, it’s important to get all the formations right from the start to make the image come together.

Beautiful graphic template included in Best Practice
With Tabellae Best Practice, you get a beautiful design from the start. Often you can simply redesign the first few pages of your invoices with a bit of logic to show a certain design.

Tip: How to avoid redesigning documents

When designing a document, you should involve a graphic designer
A graphic designer can professionalize your documents and ensure a flexible and dynamic layout that is well thought out from the start and lives up to your company’s visual identity. This avoids redesigning documents after go-live, which can cost many consulting hours.

There are many benefits to enriching your documents:

  • More accepted offers
  • Fewer questions and call center costs

If Tabellae consultants are given a layout and a marketing person who is good and collaborative, we can design and develop almost anything – including catalogs and other image-heavy documents.

Get an overview of the applications

Want to learn more about the possibilities of using a Document Management solution from Tabellae and how we can help your business?

Send me an email and I’ll contact you to set up a time for a counseling session that suits you.

Lennart Garbarsch, Partner