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Consumption and price specifications

Give your customers a quick overview with visuals such as easy-to-understand spending specifications.

Make your communication understandable with consumption specifications

A graphical overview often makes it easier to understand your bills. This is especially true in the energy and utilities industry.

With the Lasernet software component, it is possible to specify customer consumption per customer and communicate the services in a comprehensible way using graphs, consumption overview and development, good energy advice, etc.

There can be both customers with one electricity meter and customers like telecom companies that may have 2000 electricity meters. No matter what type of customer you are, you want one single invoice.

Send more understandable invoices

Lasernet can generate just that, so that you as a customer receive – in one single document – one large collective invoice and specifications for each individual meter in terms of consumption, etc.

When your customers receive an electricity bill, there will be an overall specification on the front page that gives a quick overview of consumption. The following pages consist of meter readings, energy charges in different rate groups, with and without tax and VAT, etc.

This results in a more understandable invoice because you can read your consumption better and faster.

Collective invoices are easily created

The data for collective invoices is retrieved from an external system and loaded into your ERP system. This data forms one collective invoice.

Tabellae then goes in and pulls information about all the specifications down to these measurement points. Afterwards, we create the invoices as PDFs, which can range from 1 to just over 2000 pages.

Price specification simplifies and provides a better overview

If you sell goods that consist of many individual parts, you should use price specification in your quotes and order confirmations. This simplifies the sales document, provides a better overview and can lead to additional sales.

Your quote will contain one total price on the first page, with subsequent pages specifying the individual parts of the overall product.

This feature is relevant for manufacturing companies that build mobile cranes for trucks, for example. They are made up of many parts, so the company can specify the individual elements of the truck crane – everything from the remote control and hydraulic system to the crane arms – all the individual elements that make up the end product.

The benefits of price specification

Price transparency
At Tabellae, we’ve built a form that completes the offer. Here, the end customer can get a clear overview of the prices and see, for example, that the product costs DKK 700,000, but that it consists of many sub-elements at specified prices. This gives the customer price transparency.

Decide which prices the customer should see
On the form, it is also possible to change whether the customer should see a discount or not, and whether the offer should have total or itemized prices.

Increased level of information with specifications

Enrich the level of information externally and internally
When the order confirmation is generated from the quote, it runs on the same logic. The customer can see what has been ordered from you, when it will be delivered and the content of the finished product.

The order confirmation also contains several technical specifications that you can use internally in production. For example, the sales rep may ask production workers to produce a specific item with a specific detail or a specific safety certificate. All of this information can be included as parameters and displayed on the report.

Dynamic shape makes customization easy
The logic of the dynamic form helps make it easy for each user to customize each customer’s document. The form also allows you to present a beautiful and technically detailed offer to a customer, according to your own and the customer’s wishes.

Get an overview of the applications

Want to learn more about the possibilities of using a Document Management solution from Tabellae and how we can help your business?

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Lennart Garbarsch, Partner