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Data exchange with web service module

Make data exchange and processing between different systems fast and secure with the web service module.

Avoid time-consuming data exchange between systems

Do you have old systems that can’t talk to each other? Or do you spend too much time coding in e.g. PowerShell to get different systems to talk to each other?

It’s a time-consuming and resource-intensive work process – and fortunately, it can be streamlined. If you already have Lasernet, you can use it to exchange data internally between IT systems and externally between partners and customers.

Many companies have ‘home-grown’ IT systems. This could be due to company mergers or because they’ve brought on creative developers who think in terms of now-and-here solutions. If the systems can exchange data via a web service, they may not necessarily talk to each other.

Web service module streamlines data exchange

Much communication today is done via web services (API) that are ready to exchange data with other web services across IT systems.

Here, too, you can use Lasernet to communicate between them – even with a larger system, such as an ERP system that needs data from other systems.

Lasernet is set up to ‘listen’ to other systems and deliver data to the primary system. It’s extremely flexible and only takes a few clicks to create a web service you can communicate with.

Tabellae’s web service module enables you to send and receive data between systems. With a web service module, we can publish a web service so you can send data to us via an external port, e.g. for production orders.


Exchange data between all systems

When it comes to web services, Lasernet is particularly useful as middleware that sits between an operating system and the applications that run on it.

With just a few clicks, you can publish a secure, actively listening web service API that can send and receive data to and from the outside world – both internally on your network and externally on the internet. Lasernet can also communicate with existing APIs, either based on a trigger or timer.

Along with the laser’s flexibility in terms of data management is almost only limited by your imagination; both in terms of communication with customers and partners, but also when legacy systems need to talk to each other with minimal delay.

Fast and secure data exchange

Laser web services are constantly listening on the selected ports. The moment Lasernet receives data, it is treated as a job. There are free options within Lasernet to process the data, for example, we can: upload it to SharePoint, generate PDFs or generate data that we can put into databases in the customer’s ERP system.

High security when exchanging data

When exchanging data between Lasernet and other systems, you can set up authentication. The recipient must then authenticate themselves to communicate with the web service. To do this, we send a key and a data package with information about what we need to deliver. This ensures that only the right data from an approved sender is distributed.

Get an overview of the applications

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Lennart Garbarsch, Partner