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Variant management

Get better and more customer-friendly sales orders.

Get customer-friendly sales orders with variant management

If you sell items that can have many different variants, variant management can lead to better, more customer-friendly sales orders.

Variant management includes that when a sales order is created, you can select an item number, e.g. a pair of pants, and a matrix will appear with the item number:

  • Sizes
  • Types – e.g. slim fit, regular fit
  • Colors

Then enter how many of each item you want.

Variant management requires expertise

Without careful consideration, variant management can result in many external consultant hours on an ongoing basis, which could have been avoided with Lasernet.

Variant management is often used as an add-on from a third-party supplier. This can result in the output looking incorrect.

With Lasernet, we can make adjustments to the standard report so the output looks correct. It is therefore recommended to have Tabellae make the adjustments in the standard report itself, such as extra columns.

Case example of variant management

One of our customers previously purchased a third-party module to do variant management. The matrix for variant management was 15 columns wide, but the reports that came with it were only 10 columns wide.

The customer wanted reports that supported 12 columns. The third-party provider couldn’t deliver that.

Our customer asked us for help and we added these non-standard columns to the report.

Get an overview of the applications

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Lennart Garbarsch, Partner