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Input Management

Efficient solution for incoming documents – From time-consuming manual handling to automatic handling of incoming orders and invoices

Automate your bookkeeping

The majority of manual bookkeeping work can be automated if you have the available technology and the right data.

Tabellae’s Input Management solution provides:

  • Lower bookkeeping costs
  • Fewer errors
  • Time savings on document management

It’s not just incoming supplier and vendor invoices and orders that can be automated. It can also be delivery notes with signatures and receipts for goods receipt.

Inbound document automation makes a good business case

The more documents, the better the business case. Whether you have 10,000 or 100,000 invoices per month. years, the cost is the same. The price is independent of the number of transactions, as the software has no click charge.

The software is attractively priced for companies with multiple accounts, subsidiaries and/or many documents, typically more than 10,000 per account. years.

More companies are realizing the business case for automating incoming documents:

  • it saves time
  • Reduces the risk of manual handling errors
  • Provides better quality in less time

Input Management software with many applications

Lasernet Input Management is for all incoming documents – not just invoices. More companies are using Lasernet to automatically manage incoming orders and supplier invoices as well as:

  • Receive invoices in all formats (Paper, PDF, XML and EDI)
  • Receive and automate incoming orders from customers
  • Extract or lift data from invoices/orders and integrate these with your company’s workflow or ERP system.

Input Management system at a fixed price

With 3 steps, Tabellae handles everything around implementation, we manage the integration to all types of workflows and ERP systems and get you ready to go. We call this our fixed-price Best Practice Implementation Package for our Input Management solution:

  • Implementation: 2 days of analyzing your setup and installing software for Input Management
  • Best Practice basic setup: for two accounts and mapping of 40 invoice templates
  • Training: 2 days of training for relevant staff
How our customers are using
Lasernet Input Management
Carsten Lund Sørensen, CFO, Bagger-Sørensen

“As a CFO, it’s quite attractive in a business case that Lasernet is not billed by usage. We can grow while the subscription price will be the same regardless of the number of invoices per year”

Allan Johansen, IT Technician, Indeks Retail

“Our suppliers send invoices as hard copies and PDFs. Fortunately, we can do both without a lot of manual effort – even if we process documents from several different chains and have to invoice individual stores”

Ole Aggerholm, IT Director, Trimco Group

“With scanning and extracting data from invoices, we have taken a big step towards streamlining our inbound document processing at Trimco. It’s a big project, but also incredibly exciting because of the huge savings it enables”

Automated order process

With Lasernet, the entire order process can be automated. In many companies, orders are received by many different channels (phone, email, fax, paper) and in many different formats (Excel, WEB, XML, raw text) for manual entry into your ERP system.

Supports all formats of inbound documents

Lasernet can receive all data formats from ERP systems. When an order is received, it is delivered directly into an order draft in the ERP system.

By receiving customer invoices electronically, Lasernet can read them into the ERP or invoice approval system – in any electronic data format with or without the use of OCR technology. This gives you a much more automated and less error-prone incoming invoice process.

How Lasernet Input Management works

Get incoming documents through the way you want

Many of our customers find that their ERP system does not meet their business needs when it comes to handling incoming invoices and orders.

With the Lasernet software, Tabellae is able to move incoming documents through the flow in a completely different way than we do in standard – and electronically.

Our tools and experience mean we never turn down a job. No matter how your business documents need to be loaded and in what format, we can help.

Reading incoming documents that are NOT standard

Reading invoices is a process that all input systems can handle. However, if you handle other incoming documents, such as RFQ documents, order files and delivery notes, you may run into problems. Many Input solutions cannot handle these documents because they are not invoices. They require a different kind of reading than that found in standard input solutions – and Tabellae can handle that.

Scan and lift off data on labels
Lasernet Input Management can also handle labels. Tabellae has developed a solution where we can use Lasernet can scan a barcode, read its data and then send it on its way. This gives you greater flexibility as a business, as you can seamlessly receive multiple file formats.

Get a quality check of your incoming documents

Do you operate in an industry where data accuracy is a crucial parameter for business operations or have a number of quality requirements that your incoming documents must meet?

In this case, you can run your company’s incoming documents through a quality check with Lasernet.

If your documents need to go through a quality check before loading, Lasernet can ensure that only the correct documents make it through. This ensures that only the documents and data that meet your quality requirements are loaded into your ERP system.

Get an overview of Lasernet Input Management

Want to learn more about the possibilities with Lasernet Input Management from Tabellae and how we can help your business?

Send me an email and I’ll contact you to set up a time for a counseling session that suits you.

Lennart Garbarsch, Partner