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Services after go live

3 service levels

Tabellaes Application Management Services are divided into three categories: Support, Knowledge Sharing and Development/Prevention (AMS).

The services ensure smooth system releases and testing, minimizing concerns and allowing us to proactively ensure that your ERP output management solution is constantly running optimally. The response time you desire and the number of included time zones can be customized to your preferences.

Explore our services further
Incident Management Support

When things go wrong, it’s nice to know that fast support is available from Tabellaes Incident Management Services.

Application Management Development & Prevention

Tabellaes Application Management Services (AMS) stabilizes operations, facilitates releases, and proactively prevents fraud and breakdowns.

Tabellae Academy Training & Courses

Get certified in Input Management and Output Management at Tabellae Academy.

Guides and inspiration Knowledge Sharing

User Group, knowledge sharing in small groups, knowledge bank, whitepapers, and much more.

Real advice that strengthens your solution

Tabellae provides great customer service, and in Customer Operations we offer, among other things:

  • Fast support
  • Specialist advice
  • Skills development

Our ambition is to work closely with you to provide you with cutting-edge advice and enable you to utilize all the features and capabilities of your document management solution.

On average, our customers give Tabellae’s Customer Operations 9.8 points out of a possible 10. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re just as satisfied.

“We redefine the concept of ‘customer service’ by excelling in broad technical expertise with strong consultant profiles”

Julie Vieth
Customer Operations Manager
Incident Management Services, Tabellae

Here’s how to contact us

As a customer, you are welcome to contact us on either:

Our phone hours are:
Monday-Thursday 8.30-16.30 (CET)
Friday 8.30-15.30 (CET)

All inquiries are screened and prioritized by our Dispatcher team, and the case is then assigned to the most qualified consultant for your specific issue. If you have an SLA agreement, your inquiry is prioritized according to this.

Access the Tabellae Support Portal

If you are already created by Tabellae in our support portal, you can
log in to the support portal
You will be sent a unique support case number that ensures you can follow the support case from start to finish.

For support inquiries, please
download the TeamViewer program
which gives your assigned consultant access to your server for Customer Operations cases.

Great opportunities to develop your skills

As a Tabellae customer, you have the opportunity to further develop your skills through a wide range of offers, most of which are free. Among other things:

  • Webinars with free knowledge you can access at your convenience. For example, inspiration for new applications.
  • Guides, whitepapers and e-books
  • Knowledge bank with release notes, roadmap information and other technical news
  • ERFA groups that offer sparring with companies similar to yours
  • Customer events, exclusive to Tabellae customers
  • Newsletters
  • Tabellae Academy, where you can get certified in Input Management and Output Management
Unlock the full potential of your solution

Your solution comes packed with numerous features, some of which you may not even be aware of. Surprisingly, document management software can tackle even more challenges.

Reach out to me for a discussion on maximizing your experience as a Tabellae customer.

Kristian Truesen, Key Account Manager