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Mapping of Business Requirements

Get the project ‘on track’ from the start

Few companies deal with ERP reports and printouts on a regular basis. That’s why it’s difficult to know what’s important regarding Document Management in an ERP system.

Tabellae’s 70+ specialists work exclusively with document management. They are familiar with risk scenarios, customer and regulatory requirements and know how important it is to consider everything customers see early on in the project. Namely, the ERP output. Therefore, they can ask the right questions and ensure the solution meets the right needs.

Experience makes for great projects

Document management is often done by junior consultants because experienced consultants have no interest in the field. But that lack of experience creates problems. An inexperienced consultant doesn’t know if a requirement is easy to implement and if changes in logic will cause problems elsewhere. This puts the project at risk of time and budget overruns.

With Tabellae, you don’t have to worry about who gets the job. Our +70 specialists work with nothing but document management, and we have experience from more than 600 ERP projects.

The devil is in the detail

A lack of or inexperienced needs assessment is the road to a bad ERP project.

With Tabellae’s experience from +600 ERP projects, all essential details are identified early in the process. Tabellae’s proven implementation model ensures you’ll be on time and on budget with the right requirements.

Don’t ask just anyone – ask Tabellae

Consult with us before selecting software and starting implementation. It doesn’t cost anything, but can save you time and hassle.

Lennart Garbarsch, Partner