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Digital mailbox

Integrate with e.g. e-Boks – without “programming” or managing a major IT project.

Integration solution for digital mailboxes

Do you need to deliver payslips, invoices or other documents to a digital mailbox such as e-Boks? Then we have an easy integration solution to get you up and running quickly!

E-Boks is the solution for companies that want a secure communication channel for employee payslips, invoicing and other document exchanges.

With the standard Lasernet document management software, companies can have documents converted and sent to e-Boks without the need for “coding”.

Lasernet can be easily integrated with e-Boks – without “programming” or managing a major IT project.

Business documents to e-Boks

Through many projects, we have secured the delivery of millions of documents such as payslips and invoices to e-Boks – both for private consumers and businesses.

Pay slips via e-Boks
Lasernet can deliver the payslip – fully formatted with logo and company branding – directly to e-Boks.

Invoices via e-Boks
Energy/utility bills, invoices and collections with attachments can all be delivered with multi-brand and subsidiary logos directly to e-Boks.

Investment and costs for e-Boks integration

For existing Lasernet customers, most of this is already in place.

The basic modules and basic functionality of Lasernet are prepared for the task. A configuration in Lasernet and a Tabellae component is needed and after a small project, the solution is up and running.

Settlement of document traffic is settled with our partner, KMD, who also logs the traffic and provides feedback regarding any errors, etc.

Delivering documents to e-Boks with Lasernet

Delivering business documents to the Danish digital mailbox, e-Boks is easy and simple with Lasernet from Tabellae.

Here’s an example:

A joint municipal company handles services for a number of municipalities, including invoicing to citizens and businesses. All municipalities have their own logos and attachments to manage.

Attachments are simply placed in a regular file folder and Lasernet automatically includes this in the formatted settlement document delivered to e-Boks.

Lasernet generates a log file and monitors the delivery via Lasernet Client.

Get an overview of the applications

Want to learn more about the possibilities of using a Document Management solution from Tabellae and how we can help your business?

Send me an email and I’ll contact you to set up a time for a counseling session that suits you.

Lennart Garbarsch, Partner