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Inventory management

Use production label reports for efficient inventory management in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Keep track of your inventory with inventory reports

Do you produce and move goods in the warehouse at the same time? If so, you may be familiar with the problem of keeping track of all the sub-assemblies for an order.

At Tabellae, we recommend using production label reports if you manage a large inventory.

Production label reports ensure that you keep track of sub-assemblies as you move goods around the warehouse while producing the goods for an order.

Efficient inventory management with one concentrated source of information

You can also put meaningful labels on your products that include information from the production order as well as the sales order.

This ensures that the production floor worker can find the information on the production label report they need instantly across multiple sales orders, customer information and production orders – all blended into one concentrated source of information.

Inventory management reports are not standard in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Do you work with inventory management in Dynamics 365? Then you should use inventory management reports if you don’t already – they are essential for efficiently managing a large inventory.

However, a production label report is not standard in Dynamics, although it is based on standard tables found in D365.

The reports are not possible to create directly in Dynamics 365 without Lasernet, unless you want to print and then make corrections in the document or directly in an Excel sheet.

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