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Statistics and status reports

For example, extract large amounts of data for statistical reports such as “Top 20 best-selling items this month” or create an overview with “Top 10 best customers ever”.

Easily create statistical reports

With Tabellae’s Output Management solution, Lasernet, huge amounts of data can be extracted for statistical reports and status reports with the “Query Wizard”, e.g.

  • Sales reports for sales reps
  • Inventory/stock reports
  • Backstock sales campaigns

Internal ERP documents like these serve as effective tools in everyday life and help Production, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Administration and more. to navigate.

For example, statistics can be created monthly and presented internally, and they can be automatically set up to distribute a PDF in an email to the people who need to see the report.

Get sales data for statistics into your ERP system

Is data an important parameter in your web sales? Data is now paramount in most decision-making contexts and extremely valuable in future sales decisions.

This could be data on which platform or location your products sell best on.

To retrieve status and statistical reports, you need to have the relevant sales data in your ERP system – and this data can come directly into your ERP system with Lasernet.

This can be made possible by transferring a copy of an invoice to a web service, i.e. an integration to a new system. From here, it is possible to have invoices added to an archive and get metadata for each item number on these invoices.

Use statistical reports as a basis for decision-making

In the archive, you can look up and extract a list of “where have we sold this item”.

This provides a better basis for future decisions on where to sell your product. You can also search for a serial number and get an extract of it, e.g. “what documents do we have with this serial number”. The archive can also be indexed by invoice number.

Easy integration

Getting sales data into the ERP system is possible with the Lasernet software component. Without Lasernet, it would usually have to be developed from scratch – and that would take a week rather than a day with Lasernet.

An XML or JASON file is built that not only has a reference to one of our PDF documents, but also has the metadata information about it that we can extract.

Get an overview of the applications

Want to learn more about the possibilities of using a Document Management solution from Tabellae and how we can help your business?

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Lennart Garbarsch, Partner