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System integration

With Meta Client, you can integrate to multiple systems and deliver documents to any ERP system, web service or workflow.

System integration to all systems

The Lasernet software component can be integrated with all kinds of other systems – this is called system to system integration.

In a business, many workflows can exist. Sometimes, in order to work, they require a newly created PDF that the customer designs themselves to be submitted to a web service, such as an SPNQ database. Within this is a workflow that collects the files and sends them on. This integration can be done with Meta Client – regardless of the system you need to integrate with.

Meta Client is a tool for uploading documents from a workstation to services such as e-Boks or an archiving solution – in other words: a system to system integration.

Integrate to systems you don’t have access to

Do you need to integrate to systems you don’t have?

It’s relevant for organizations and financial institutions that need to upload documents to services like e-Boks or an archiving solution – and if you:

  • have a system you want to integrate into another
  • integrate payroll/pay slips in e-Boks
  • need system-to-system integration for systems without access

Without a dedicated solution to integrate to systems, it has to be hard coded – and that requires a lot of resources in terms of hours and budget. Our solution is typically used for ad hoc work such as payroll, Word or uploading documents to systems.

Efficient integration solution without development

With Meta Client, you don’t have to develop in your own system to integrate to another. It’s a ready-made solution where you don’t have to change your infrastructure to integrate – making your workflows easier.

With Meta Client you can:

  • deliver data from system to system in a fast way
  • tailor the solution to the individual user, depending on what data your employees need access to (e.g. CPR/CVR numbers, data fields)
  • convert a Word document to PDF, send it via print and integrate it to e-Boks
  • send any format to as many distributions and channels as you want. This integration ensures you save a lot of time and resources

Auto-complete fields

Meta Client can also be used with Lasernet Input Management to extract data so you don’t have to enter the same field over and over again.

If you have a data field that you need to fill in in all documents, you can use the input management solution to autofill this field.

Lasernet Input Management can remember fields such as the email address you’re sending from – saving a lot of time if you’re sending a lot of documents.

Benefits of system integration software

There are many benefits to investing in a system integration software like Meta Client.

The most important ones are:

  • Integrate to any application (anything Lasernet can integrate with)
  • You can set up validation (Lasernet checks if the fields are filled in and/or if they are filled in correctly)
  • Combined with input management, you can scan data and automatically retrieve it instead of finding the data manually

* The system-to-system integration solution, Meta Client, is an add-on module that is billed according to the number of users.

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