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Customer cases
Nordic Houseware Group

Document management solution frees up time for other tasks

The market’s leading plastics manufacturer, Nordic Houseware Group, had major challenges with EDI requirements. They had to go through a cumbersome process to change the document setup every time they got a new customer using EDI. With a solution from Tabellae, they got a much better structure to their document flow and the majority of their documents are now handled electronically. This gives them more time, better customer service and avoids manual processes and typos.

About Nordic Houseware Group

Nordic Houseware Group, formerly known as Plast Team, produces plastic products for the home and is a market leader with more than 45 million products per year. Nordic Houseware Group’s products are sold in major European supermarkets, department stores and DIY stores in over
50 countries. There are around 100 employees in the Nordic Houseware Group, which is headquartered in Nærum and has subsidiaries in Poland and Germany.

The company’s ERP system is Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO.

Supports all data formats for collaboration

The choice of Lasernet as a document management solution was not without considerations, says Bente Jensen: “Our customers in the retail industry have high demands for electronic document exchange, and it was important for us to find a solution that supported all data formats. What attracted us to Lasernet was that the solution acts as a separate interface between our ERP system and customers. We use Lasernet to transform invoices, orders, delivery notes, etc. from our ERP system into EDI files that are sent to customers electronically. This way, we only transport one data format to and from our ERP system, even though we do business with many different partners.”

Successful Output Management implementation

“Despite difficult conditions, the implementation went well. We implemented Tabellae’s solution at the same time as we switched to AX 2012.
This meant changing our entire IT structure and all our master data in one go. This made the process intensive and complex. The goal was for Lasernet to be ready at the same time as our new ERP system and for the solution to work in the same way as before for our customers. We succeeded on both counts, so we are very satisfied.”

“There are great benefits to exchanging documents automatically with our customers. Both financially and because it makes work processes easier”

Bente Kjær Jensen, CFO, Nordic Houseware Group


  • Better use of resources
  • More professional business
  • Easily meet customer demands
  • Easy customization of documents
  • Saves a lot of internal time
  • Close business partner

Better use of resources and more professional

The electronic document exchange has had many positive effects, says Bente: “There are great benefits to exchanging documents automatically with our customers. Both financially and because work processes become easier.

The document management solution from Tabellae allows us to make better use of our resources, so our customers experience a more professional business. We avoid typos and can shift focus from manual tasks. At the same time, it’s much easier to design beautiful invoices and customize them to the recipient’s liking. That wasn’t possible before”.