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Customer cases
KE Fibertec

Better work processes

KE Fibertec, the world’s leading manufacturer of textile ventilation ducts, was facing major challenges with production downtime due to proprietary document management software programs. With a solution from Tabellae, they phased out legacy applications with a stable document management solution – enabling them to easily meet customer requirements and customize complex customer documents.

About KE Fibertec

KE Fibertec A/S develops, manufactures and markets air distribution systems based on fiber technology and sustainability for industrial companies, laboratories and other places where a good indoor climate is needed.

The company is the world’s largest manufacturer of these ‘textile ducts’. They have five sales companies in Denmark, the UK, Germany, USA and Turkey, and three production companies.

The company’s ERP system is Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Long-term IT strategy minimizes vulnerability

“We have a long-term IT strategy to replace proprietary software with modifiable standard software to eliminate vulnerability, minimize ‘firefighting’ and waste of work time. Tabellae helps us solve these tasks,” says IT Manager Michael Pedersen. KE Fibertec chose a document management solution from Tabellae as part of their long-term IT strategy. They use it to freely format standard documents for customers and partners, which can be sent to recipients via different routes.

Many benefits in one Output Management solution

It’s a solution that offers the company a wide range of benefits, explains Michael Pederden. He lists the most important of them as:

  1. Automatic invoice sending: “We can now automatically send the invoice to customers via email and in PDF format, which even has the same file name as the invoice number. Lasernet gives the PDF the same number as the invoice, e.g. 22546.pdf. Customers no longer call to have the invoice resent, as they can find it on the file number”.
  2. Automatic number management in emails: “We can also automatically write the customer’s order number or requisition number in these emails to customers. This makes it easier for customers to keep track of the documents they receive from KE Fibertec.”
  3. Meet customer requirements: “It’s easier to customize documents to customer requirements”.
  4. Faster workflows: “We can generate delivery notes and invoices much faster in the same workflow for the same customer from different departments”.

“It has become easy to customize our customer-facing documents and optimize internal business processes”

Michael Barbedgaard Pedersen, IT Manager, KE Fibertec


  • Minimized vulnerability
  • Many benefits in one solution
  • Easily meet customer demands
  • Streamlined work processes
  • Easy customization of documents

Phasing out old programs

The company also had another complicated task: installing wash marks that are inserted into KE Fibertec products. The wash tags and their data content in multiple languages were previously created through a very time-consuming process using two proprietary software programs. These were unstable and crashed 2-3 times a day. It was critical for production.

The task has become significantly easier with Tabellae’s solution, which has phased out the two programs. Now the wash labels are created and printed via Lasernet, which gets the necessary data from Dynamics AX to format them with the right logos, wash symbols and text in the customer’s language. This file is then sent to a thermal printer, which prints the wash marks on fabric.

Easy customization of complex documents

Michael Pedersen concludes: “The common headline for the benefits of Tabellae’s document management solution is: ‘Easy customization of complex customer-facing documents and optimization of internal business processes’. We have been nothing but satisfied with the solution and the ongoing support from Tabellae. It has been of high quality and they are always ready with quick help.”