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Customer cases
Danske Spil

More competitive

Danske Spil sends out 500,000 invoices per year. Such a huge amount of
documents require stable document management and the ability to quickly create new dealership chains.

About Danske Spil

Danske Spil is Denmark’s largest gambling company. The most famous brands
are Tips, Oddset, Lotto and scratch cards sold in 4500 shops, kiosks and supermarkets across the country. A large part of Danske Spil’s profit goes to
good causes. The company has around 300 employees and uses the ERP system
AX 2012.

Heavy and expensive solution before

“Previously, changing the layout and content of documents was a cumbersome process,” says Senior Controller, Michael Jensen. “Even the smallest change took 3-4 weeks, as we had to involve both our ERP partner and our own IT department every time. This also made the development costs very high when we had to introduce electronic invoicing to new retail chains.”

ERP upgrades are getting cheaper

Danske Spil preferred to get a standard solution for document management, which like Lasernet is an integrated part of AX2012. The previous solution was customized to the current ERP system, which would add additional costs for ERP upgrades. “When we next upgrade our ERP system, Lasernet will automatically follow suit and make the upgrade cheaper,” says Michael Jensen.

“Tabellae listened to our needs, understood our way of doing things and implemented the solution quickly”

Michael Jensen, Senior Controller, Danske Spil


  • 500,000 invoices per month. years have been made more flexible
  • Several consultant hours saved by being able to implement new chains yourself
  • Now manages 9 retail chains vs. 2 previously
  • Improved collaboration with retailers
  • Easy maintenance and development of documents

Streamlined workflows and savings

Document management has been moved from IT to Finance, so important decisions can now be quickly put into action. When Danske Spil needs to implement new retail chains, faces new legal requirements or when requests are made, the Finance department can now make the changes themselves, making it almost cost-free. “Lasernet is easy to use. Most of it is ‘drag and drop’, which saves us a lot of internal workflows and external consulting hours,” says Michael Jensen.

Focus on the core business

The quick response to wants and needs is felt by the retail chains, and this has improved collaboration. Lasernet has also made the Finance department even more efficient, freeing up time to implement 9 chains instead of 2.

Tabellae understand our world

“Tabellae’s consultants have listened to our needs and requirements. They understood our world and our way of doing things and implemented the solution quickly. The implementation of Lasernet has been smooth. Tabellae has been professional and never more than a phone call away.”

Competitive now and in the future

In a rapidly evolving gambling market, Danske Spil has a more attractive and accessible product than its competitors: the foreign bookmakers. “We can use Lasernet to tailor the individual solutions that the retail chains demand, which means we are well prepared for the future,” says Michael Jensen.