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Customer cases
Lina Medical

“Lasernet is made for Dynamics”

Lina Medical is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical devices for surgery and gynecology. The pharmaceutical industry places high demands on the content and distribution of business documents. Tabellae has helped meet industry requirements and automate the handling of documents.

About Lina Medical

LINA Medical is a Danish-owned company established in 1977. The company specializes in inventing and producing medical
instruments and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical devices in surgery and gynecology.

The company’s ERP system is Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

ERP upgrade placed demands on output

In early 2014, Lina Medical upgraded its ERP system from Dynamics AX 4.0 to AX 2012. The solution was chosen after a competitive tender among four AX 2012 resellers. One of the criteria for choosing between the four offers was that they also included a number of output requirements: “We had been using Lasernet for several years to format our invoices and had only positive experiences with it. We also knew that AX 2012 is very complex on the output side. We therefore chose a solution where Lasernet is outside of AX 2012,” explains Kenn Schneider, CIO at Lina Medical.

Meet a wide range of customer requirements

Tabellae was awarded the Lasernet order in agreement with the chosen AX 2012 partner. Tabellae was put in charge of realizing Lina Medical’s output plans: “We have customers, suppliers and sales departments in many countries, and they have different requirements for the documents we send them. Both as electronic invoices in OIOXML format, PDF files or predefined emails,” says Kenn.

With an Output Management solution from Tabellae, Lina Medical has a solution where the documents are adapted to the recipient’s paper format, so they can print in A4 format, in the American Letter format and in half A4 size, which they also use in some places. This applies not only to business documents, but also to production documents such as labels and barcodes.

“Lasernet from Tabellae is a better and more flexible solution than the alternatives – and only half the price”

Kenn Schneider, CIO, Lina Medical


  • Good investment
  • Flexible solution
  • Meets a wide range of customer requirements for data content and formats
  • Tailor-made documents
  • A solution to grow with

Tailor-made documents

“We now use Lasernet to format a wide range of outgoing documents because it is much easier to work with Lasernet than our AX 2012. At the same time, it gives us almost unlimited possibilities to tailor the documents to the recipients’ language, paper formats and data content requirements,” says Kenn.

Good investment that delivers on its promises

“Lasernet is not only a better and more flexible solution than the alternatives on the AX platform, it is also a much cheaper solution that doesn’t even cost half as much as the alternatives. The time it takes to customize Lasernet reports is simply less than half the time of the same solution programmed in AX 2012. And, since we were already using Lasernet, all we had to do was extend the existing license”.

Professional business partner

The satisfaction also applies to the collaboration with Tabellae: “I have found Tabellae to be a very professional company that has done a great job – both when working here and from home. They have delivered the main task
on time and have been quick to provide support and corrections afterwards”.

A solution to grow with

“We will continue to expand our use of Lasernet, as it is a solution with countless possibilities. The ease of the product means that we are now in the process of training our own employees in Lasernet so that we can handle some of the future expansion ourselves,” concludes Ken Schneider.