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Customer cases
Electro Energy

Over 80% reduction in billing costs

Electro Energy, Denmark’s leading knowledge and advisory center for heating products such as heat pumps, solar cells and natural gas, used to print 50,000 invoices annually on paper. A solution from Tabellae automated their invoicing. Now the company can both meet the demands of different electronic formats and better control the receipt of goods.


  • Automated invoicing
  • Easily meet customer demands
  • Supports all formats
  • Trusting partnership

Meet customer requirements for invoice receipt

Electro Energy not only provides technical advice, but also supplies spare parts for virtually all types of products in these areas. The delivery of spare parts to over 2,000 customers in Denmark means that more than 50,000 invoices are printed every year. This invoicing was previously done on paper, with invoices printed from the company’s ASTRA ERP system and sent by post. But not anymore. Electro Energy now uses a document management solution from Tabellae, where customers – such as the majority of Danish HVAC companies – can choose to receive invoices in four different ways:

  1. As electronic files in OIOXML format sent via Sproom
  2. As electronic files in OIOUBL format sent via Sproom
  3. In pdf format sent by email
  4. As a traditional paper invoice sent by post

Supports customers’ format preferences

The solution includes a code in the ERP system for each customer that shows which format the customer prefers. The two electronic formats allow customers to ‘move’ invoices into their own ERP systems or
other solutions for approving invoices without re-keying.

“Our collaboration with Tabellae has been outstanding and efficient. We have reduced our invoicing costs by more than 80%”

Christian Gulløv, CEO, Electro Energy Director, Electro Energy

A versatile product – also for goods receiving

“When we chose Lasernet for invoicing after ditching a much more expensive and inferior solution, we hadn’t realized how versatile the product is. Now we have. We are therefore in the process of exploring a new option where we use the solution in the goods receiving department. Here, Lasernet retrieves all the requisitions from the ASTRA system that we have sent to our suppliers and prints them in item number order with EAN numbers and barcodes. Then, when our warehouse employees receive a shipment, they use handheld terminals to check that the goods we receive correspond to the requisitions we have sent.”

About Electro Energy

Electro Energy is Denmark’s leading technical knowledge and advisory center for solar cells, heat pumps, natural gas, oil-fired boilers, solar heating and flue gas diagnostic equipment. They also stock more than 12,000 spare parts for the different types of makes and installations in these fields.

The company’s ERP system is IBM AS/400.