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Customer cases
Dellner Hydratech

“We have become more efficient”

For Dellner Hydratech, Tabellae’s digital document solution Lasernet has resulted in a significant decrease in paper and time consumption. In particular, the workflow around orders and purchases has become shorter and less paper-heavy. This has increased employee satisfaction and freed up time for other tasks.

About Dellner Hydratech

Dellner Hydratech designs and manufactures wind turbine components and hydraulic cylinders. The company employs 600 people worldwide and is headquartered in Vrå, Denmark.

The company’s ERP system is Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Streamlined document management

When Dellner Hydratech was about to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX, it was crucial for them to supplement the system with a professional document solution: “We needed to streamline and simplify our document management so we could make better use of our resources,” says Jesper Bangsgaard, Logistics Manager at Dellner Hydratech.

Everything in one workflow

Before Lasernet, the workflow around ordering and purchasing was very cumbersome: “Everything was printed on paper, which was expensive and time-consuming. At the same time, we spent a lot of time scanning documents. Today, processes are done electronically. The workflows have simply become shorter and the documents look much more professional”.

“We found that Lasernet could be used for much more than we expected”

Jesper Bangsgaard, Logistics Manager, Dellner Hydratech

Efficient output tool

Dellner Hydratech’s choice of Lasernet and Tabellae as a partner was no coincidence: “From my time as a consultant, I knew how expensive it was to have individual reports and document setups created. Therefore, it was important for us to get a solution that worked well with Microsoft Dynamics AX. I knew Lasernet was a powerful tool with multiple applications and had heard good things about Tabellae. The choice was therefore not that difficult”.

Successful Output implementation

“Everything went smoothly. We’ve certainly spent more consulting hours than we expected. But that’s only because we found that Lasernet could be used for much more than we expected. In particular, it is the ability to
attaching drawings and cutting files to emails has been a huge benefit for us, we couldn’t do without it.”

Fast support

“Tabellae’s consultants are skilled and respond quickly when approached. For example, we experienced challenges with scanning invoices. Here, they simply dropped what they had in their hands and looked at it immediately. It makes you feel taken seriously as a customer”.

Worth investing in

Jesper has chosen to spend time getting to know Lasernet: “It makes sense to familiarize yourself with the system. This is especially beneficial if you want to implement Lasernet in other parts of your business. At the same time, it is important that the administrator has good IT skills. This way you get the best results. For us, Lasernet will also be rolled out in our factories in China and the US, which makes the implementation attractive as a long-term investment, although there are some initial costs.”

The right solution for you

“Today, we use Lasernet both internally and externally. We have not experienced any operational challenges. Everything is running smoothly and we have a complete cohesive solution from our ERP partner with Lasernet Input and Output for Microsoft Dynamics AX. I’m extremely happy about that,” concludes Jesper Bangsgaard, who can only recommend working with Tabellae to others.


  • Good investment
  • All in one workflow
  • Streamlined and simplified document management
  • Successful implementation
  • Great collaboration