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Customer cases

Professional documents with an ROI of less than 3 months.

Fleggaard found that business documents in Dynamics AX were neither pretty nor flexible to design. They were therefore looking for an Output Management solution where Return-on-Investment was a crucial element – and that was absolutely not a problem with the solution from Tabellae.

About Fleggaard

The Fleggaard Group is one of Denmark’s largest family-owned groups and consists of 10 different subsidiaries, whose activities range from border trade with groceries to wholesale of non-food products and leasing of transportation for hotels and restaurants.

The company’s ERP system is Microsoft Dynamics AX2012.

ROI in under 3 months

“The Output Management solution from Tabellae would save us from sending more than 50,000 paper letters to customers per year. Our calculations showed that the money we would save in time, paper and postage alone would mean we would recoup the cost of the solution in less than three months – and we did. After go-live, the collaboration has also resulted in ongoing monthly savings,” says John Christensen.

A great alternative to EDI

When exchanging documents with business customers at home and abroad, an EDI solution with XML and EDIFACT as exchange formats is used. However, not all customers are ready for ‘true’ EDI, and they are offered a more flexible solution: “Since many of our smaller customers are not ready to run EDI with exchange from IT system to IT system, we have built a simpler solution where we use Lasernet to transform invoices and statements we get from our ERP system into PDF files that are sent to customers by email”.

“At Fleggaard, an IT investment must be based on a good business case. Our investment paid for itself in less than three months”

John Christensen, IT Director, Fleggaard Group


  • ROI in under 3 months
  • Faster payment and better liquidity
  • Professional documents that meet individual customer requirements
  • Great collaboration with Tabellae

Faster payment and better liquidity

The investment has also brought unexpected benefits: “When we send paper invoices, they are usually received in the mailroom. From there, it can take several days for the invoices to reach the employee who needs to approve it for payment. When we send them electronically, they are sent directly to the person who needs to approve them. This has resulted in invoices being paid faster, fewer invoices being lost and therefore fewer invoice rejections – this has had a positive effect on our cash flow.”

Greater flexibility

“For one thing, it’s expensive to print business documents on paper and send them through the post. Another thing is that the invoices that Dynamics AX can produce are neither pretty nor flexible to design. With Lasernet from Tabellae, we can now produce professional documents according to the recipients’ individual wishes”.

Automates supplier procurement

Fleggaard’s investment has been a great success, which is why more IT solutions are being built, with Lasernet playing a key role. One of these is a web service where Fleggaard’s suppliers worldwide can enter their invoices into a web portal based on Sharepoint, where Lasernet is used to convert the invoices to Dynamics AX format. “Our goal is to eliminate all paper communication to and from customers and suppliers. When it comes to our suppliers, we prefer to receive their invoices via EDI. But just like with our own invoices, not all suppliers are ready for it. We therefore use Lasernet to open up more flexible formats, as we have done with our web service”.

Great collaboration

“We have had a great collaboration with Tabellae, who have been very responsive to all our suggestions and requests, and who have subsequently provided first-class support,” concludes John Christensen.