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Customer cases
Outfit International

“Lasernet supports MS Dynamics BC and not least our business”

Outfit International is Northern Europe’s leading manufacturer of hunting clothing and supplier of hunting equipment to retailers in more than 20 countries. This also places high demands on customers to receive electronic documents in the desired formats. Tabellae has helped meet these customer demands and automate the handling of company documents.

About Outfit International

Outfit International is a Danish privately owned company founded
in i 1975. The company manufactures and sells hunting clothing and equipment through
a network of agents and dealers across most of Europe. Their hunting clothing is created in the company’s design department in Greve, Denmark, and produced in many places around
the world, including in Latvia and China.

The company’s ERP system is Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

Need advanced output

“Our ERP system is a Microsoft Dynamics Business Central solution, custom-built for a textile company like ours. It’s a great ERP solution that we work hard to utilize all its capabilities. But there are also tasks that it can’t handle – especially on the output side when it comes to sending business documents to our retailers, for example by email. Here we use Lasernet instead,” says Peter Michelsen, ERP Manager at Outfit International.

Got to grips with receiver and format

The use of Lasernet is only at the first stages of the ideas and plans Peter is working on. But among the applications they either have or are in the process of getting off the ground, he mentions: “Lasernet keeps track of who needs to receive what and in what formats. We send order confirmations and bank statements to our dealers by email in PDF format, and we work with some customers to transfer invoices electronically, including in XML format.”

The company also sends their item information, including barcode information, as Excel files to the retailers, which they can read into their own ERP system. Outfit International receives orders back from the retailers in Excel spreadsheets and uses Lasernet to convert the individual Excel lines into single orders for the BC system. Based on information about the individual jacket, for example, manufacturing information in PDF format is sent to suppliers via email. This includes descriptions, images, parts list, measurement chart, washing information, etc. They even collaborate with several large chains that receive daily updates on inventory and other matters.

Dealers are free to choose which of these options they want to utilize, and Lasernet keeps complete control over who gets what and in what format.

“It’s a great investment that we and our dealers will enjoy for years to come.”

Peter Michelsen, ERP Manager, Outfit International


  • Advanced document management
  • Easily meet customer requirements for content and formats
  • In-house management of output
  • Fast support from Tabellae

Many more options

These are just a few of the many possibilities that Peter Michelsen sees in Lasernet: “The crucial thing with Lasernet is that we now have an IT tool where we can offer customers the option of receiving electronic documents in the formats they want. Our customers have more choices without making our daily work more difficult. At the same time, we can cut down on the more than DKK 300,000 we spend annually on postage and envelopes – with all the paper handling it also requires”.

The exception is invoices, which are still printed out on paper so that they can be sent postage-free in the same box as the goods that belong to the order. Peter plans to do something about this problem as well. “It makes packing more difficult because you have to think about
invoicing at the same time invoicing and having to print out invoices individually instead of in batches.

In-house handling and fast support

“We are very self-reliant and have not had much need for help from Tabellae. When we have needed it on rare occasions, we have almost always received it immediately. So we certainly can’t complain about that,” concludes Peter Michelsen.