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Invoicing efficiency increased 90%

Many companies express, they want fewer printed documents, but in practice that’s not happening. They’re highly depending on these in their daily operation, and it’s considered a huge project. That’s why Tabellae has been a vital part of Halton Group’s first Dynamics 365 FO implementation to improve their operational efficiency globally. The project’s estimated time consumption was reliable, and new internal knowledge has increased the efficiency.

About Halton

Halton Group is a Finnish global leading business in indoor air quality solutions with both design, manufacture, and delivery for multiple markets. They are on a mission to enable people’s wellbeing in demanding indoor environments. The company was founded in 1969, and is now present in +35 countries with production units in nine of them.rnrnHalton came from AX2009 with TTI for document printing and is now using D365 FO with Lasernet for Output Management

Printed forms are vital for the daily operation

We communicate with our customers and suppliers mainly by documents. Therefore, it’s important for us to have clear and readable documents to share externally”, says Olli Hakkola and Heikki Saarinen from Halton. To get professional printed documents and electronic invoices, Halton’s ERP supplier recommended Lasernet from Tabellae.

90% faster invoice handling

“A really important part of the project was the Finvoice module in Lasernet. Instead of printing customer invoices as pdf’s and sending these by email, we just create the invoice and push it out to our customers. That’s a huge improvement, and increases our efficiency in invoicing with 90%”. “Due to this collaboration, we have also improved our efficiency with printed forms. We have tricky logics related to our configurable products. Therefore, we need to add much information based on the configuration or if our customer requires customer tag information. This is not available in standard ERP. It needs to be customized on the ERP side and in documents as well. We have 20 printed forms in use with printing facilities. Lasernet has been a very flexible way to use these and implement requirements – for us it’s a must have solution that improves our efficiency remarkable”, says Olli Hakkola and Heikki Saarinen.

“Tabellae has an excellent procedure to guide the customer through the implementation project. The project was managed excellently”

Olli Hakkola

ERP System Expert, Halton Marine Oy

Easy future rollouts

“During this project, our consultant explained on detailed level everything that he was doing and how. That was really helpful in our learning path.rnrnIt’s much easier to learn by examples than by reading. Also, there are many requirements in printing forms and Finvoice. So, it’s nice to have a solution, where we don’t need to ask an external consultant everytime, but can build and maintain small details ourselves – that’s really important in our business, where documents are changing. This internal knowledge will make future rollouts much easier”.

Excellent project management

“Tabellae has an excellent procedure to guide the customer through the implementation project.rnThe project was managed excellently. They had an exceptional team and project management process, where their estimate of required work hours was reliable. Very talented consultants, disciplined project management and well-organized communication ensured that we could focus on the essentials. When the project was closed, we started the continuous service process very smoothly”.


Great project due to excellent project management

  • Increased efficiency in invoice handling
  • Easy customization of documents
  • Inhouse handling

Future collaboration

“We would like to collaborate with Tabellae in the future rollouts in Halton units globally. The collaboration was so professional and efficient in every way, and it’s always good, if you can continue corporation with people, you know and trust”, Olli and Heikki concludes.