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Customer cases

Dynamics 365 FO solution deployed – on time and on budget

The implementation was successful due to industry knowledge, a mutually beneficial working relationship and extensive business knowledge.

About Verdo

Verdo is an international energy group with a focus on renewable energy. The company offers energy consultancy and production of green fuels such as wood pellets, briquettes and sustainable biomass. Verdo operates in most of Europe and Africa and has 17 companies in Denmark and 1 in the UK. In Denmark, AX 2012 is used, while the UK company has just gone live with the ERP system Dynamics 365.

About the utilities industry

The energy and utilities industry is characterized by high demands on the level of information, user-friendliness and communication on documents. Customer usage must be itemized per customer and services must be communicated in an understandable way. For example, on invoices, which with Lasernet can easily be turned into information and promotional documents with graphs, QR codes, consumption trends, good energy advice, etc.

Agile document management

The energy company Verdo generates many documents thanks to a large number of suppliers and customers. Therefore, the Danish part of the organization has already in 2014 invested in Lasernet Input Management for receiving supplier invoices and Lasernet Output Management for outgoing documents. Here, Lasernet is used as a tool for engaging with customers, as you can easily and quickly personalize and continuously change the content of the documents.

Step-by-step upgrade to Dynamics 365 FO

The entire Verdo organization is moving to Microsoft Dynamics 365, but instead
to take all departments at the same time, it was decided to start the D365FO project in
a defined area – at Verdo UK. In this way, Verdo was able to minimize risks and gain useful experience before a broad roll-out to other departments.


  • Step-by-step upgrade
  • Minimized risks
  • Future-proof setup that facilitates subsequent implementation
  • Fast document implementation

Tabellae a safe choice when it comes to Dynamics 365

At the start of the implementation, Tabellae was one of the few implementation specialists with Dynamics 365 experience.

Compared to the good experience already gained from the use of Lasernet in Denmark, Tabellae was a relatively safe choice in relation to Lasernet. e.g. coding the document part of the ERP project themselves – and Verdo could instead concentrate on the main part of the ERP project.

Future-proof setup facilitates subsequent implementation

The backbone of the solution is, from Tabellae’s point of view, a well-thought-out
basic solution with built-in flexibility in terms of logic and structure. This makes it easier to accommodate the different requirements of the departments and makes the rollout to other departments cheaper.

Building a future-proof solution from the start has been possible due to a good and close collaboration between Verdo and Tabellae, not least in the scoping phase, where Tabellae’s consultants have secured all the necessary knowledge at an early stage, including an understanding of where the company is heading. Tabellae’s Dynamics 365 knowledge has also been essential, as the set-up in 365 is different than in AX.

7 documents ready – and more to come

In November 2017, Verdo went live with 7 documents so far – including invoices, purchase orders, order confirmations, delivery notes, bank statements and more to come. All are developed based on Tabellae’s best practice templates, which quickly outlined the content of the documents, leaving only a few customizations to be made. The layout was largely reusable from Verdo’s existing documents, which had already been developed with Lasernet in Denmark.