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Harmonized communication worldwide

Tabellae has played an important role in the first steps of Camfil’s European ERP rollout in order to handle documents harmonized across Europe in a sustainable way. They experienced a full service with a lot of knowledge sharing which has made them capable of doing the further European rollout themselves.

About Camfil

Camfil is a Swedish world leading manufacturing company of clean air solutions on a mission for making clean air available for all citizents of the world. The company was founded in 1963, and today they have manufacturing sites worldwide. Camfil came from different ERP systems across Europe, e.g. Axapta 2003 and AX 2009, with different ways to handle documents and reporting. Today they use Dynamics 365 FO with Lasernet for Output Management to work harmonized across Europe.

Harmonized communication in a green way

Camfil is on a mission to deliver clean air to people worldwide in a sustainable way. In order to do this, they use Lasernet from Tabellae to directly send business documents by e-mail or EDI from the ERP system to save paper. It’s one of the main goals of the whole company; to be sustainable, i.a. by having less paper printed. Therefore, they are already using this setup in Sweden, Slovakia and Norway, and it’s going to be a part of the European implementation program.

Fast process with inhouse handling

One of Camfil’s main challenges in one of their previous ERP systems was that the documents were managed directly in the ERP system. Therefore, all changes had to be done by developers. With the focus on a harmonized way of working, Camfil now uses templates for their output, so they can use the same documents as far as possible with few adjustments – which they now can handle inhouse with Lasernet as IT Manager, Susanne Ternström says: “Due to our collaboration with Tabellae, we are able to use and adapt Lasernet internally, because we can handle a lot of our needs inhouse. It has definitely created a faster process to be able to have this inhouse”.

“The way we got help, when our time schedule was really tight was great. Tabellae helped to keep our goals with a lot of manpower”

Susanne TernströmrnrnIT Manager, Camfil Svenska

Scalable resources

Camfil came from multiple ERP solutions, so they had to rebuild all of their documents from scratch: “That was a big challenge. It was a lot of work in a short period of time, but we got very good support from Tabellae. More resources were added for us to be able to meet the project deadlines – and the project manager helped us out with Tabellae keeping the resources together and tracking progress with weekly check-ins. We had an arrangement with the assigned experts who spent time with us and shared their expertise in order for us to complete the work in time. With that said, we got a lot of help adapting to the project plan”, she says.

Full service

We find that Tabellae brought services all around. They supported us in a lot of areas; how to use Lasernet and how to adapt the setup to our requirements, so it really felt like a full service”, Susanne says. Application Specialist, Bettina Steinhoff, elaborates: ”Tabellae assigns our questions to only two defined, dedicated people that know our system so the help is very efficient and nice working with”.


  • Harmonized documents
  • Sustainable document distribution
  • Flexibility with document creation and maintenance
  • Quick document changes in-houseu

Future collaboration

The collaboration has saved Camfil for more implementation projects, and the positive partnership continues. “Due to the great expertise sharing, we have so many competencies inhouse that we are able to do implementations without handling them as a project with Tabellae – we only need a few extra hours of support. That is very valuable in our further European rollout, where we expect to have a trustworthy and stable partner in Tabellae as we have now”, Susanne concludes.