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Food Folk

Upgrade Management: Proactive Challenge Response

“With Upgrade Management, we can anticipate challenges before they arise”
Food Folk, the franchise company behind McDonald’s in the Nordic region, faced complex challenges: harmonizing operations across four countries while addressing individual and country-specific requirements. Application Management Services (AMS) stabilized operations and made Food Folk agile and adaptable.

About Food Folk

Food Folk was among the first companies in the Nordics to move to the cloud. As pioneers, it was crucial for the company to establish an innovative ERP system that is stable and flexible, allowing them to scale smoothly, expand business areas in the future, and address any conceivable challenges from changing market conditions, customer, or regulatory requirements.

Food Folk operates McDonald’s in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. Despite being a restaurant chain, it also functions as a real estate company, with its financial engine centered around franchise and rent collection. Established in 2017 through McDonald’s acquisition, Food Folk commands a significant share in the Nordic market, boasting about 450 restaurants and property assets surpassing 700 million Euros. These restaurants serve 160 million guests annually, generating over 1.6 billion Euros in revenue, with 90% operated by sub-franchisees.

Franchise billing is complex

“Although we run restaurants, we’re primarily a real estate company. We collect franchise fees, service fees, and rent from franchisees. The financial engine is therefore central to us as a franchise company but also complex, as requirements and payment formats vary from market to market”, Mads Hundahl says.

Lasernet from Tabellae was chosen as the billing engine due to the software’s stable properties. “As the parent company, we need to demonstrate authority so that franchisees believe in the franchise basis and calculations. Invoice specification is crucial for franchisees. “What are we paying for, and what kickback are we getting?” Invoicing must be transparent and spot-on, or problems will escalate within hours,” Mads Hundahl from Food Folk explains, and continues: “The ERP merger across four countries was extensive, but we managed to create a unified ERP solution where we can simultaneously adapt to local requirements and needs in each of the four countries.”

“We’ve bolstered our ability to identify risks in advance, make informed decisions, and prepare for future challenges and opportunities”

Mads Hundahl, Service owner Finance, Food Folk

System updates with stable operation

In a new Evergreen environment with multiple system updates annually, a key goal was to stabilize operations and become proactive. Therefore, after go-live, the company also chose AMS (Application Management Services) from Tabellae, where coordinated Release Planning and automated document testing ensure that updates are planned and implemented efficiently.

Monitoring led to efficient workflows

“This allows us not only to solve potential problems before they affect our business operations but also to have a smooth flow in processes and ease the burden on the organization regarding the many annual system updates and tests.”

“We used to only discover errors when they already affected production, such as billing issues. Now we have a continuously updated system, so we are always compatible, can invoice on time, identify risks in advance, and prepare for any future challenges and opportunities. We work efficiently and have strengthened our ability to make informed decisions. There are no unnecessary delays or pauses in processes, and we allocate the right resources in good time. The automated tests mean we can test more, increase quality, and reduce workload, allowing us to focus on more value-adding tasks,” says Mads Hundahl.


  • Reliable billing
  • Efficient updates
  • Improved data and document quality through automated testing
  • Ability to act preventively and proactively
  • Streamlined workflows

E-invoicing and advanced controller function

“Now, we aim to consolidate the solution for optimal system utilization. We plan to enhance our controller function and implement e-invoicing for customers when they’re ready. Additionally, we’ll prioritize systematic and proactive system monitoring.

Tabellae has been proactive, flexible, and understanding of our needs. With their support, we’ve gained full business control and established a robust platform for the future.” concludes Mads Hundahl.