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Customer cases

Successful global rollout with Best of Breed solution

The rollout in more than 12 countries was successful due to the best-of-breed output management platform, Lasernet, and an efficient deployment model.

About Swisspearl

Swisspearl A/S, formerly Cembrit, is a leading distributor and manufacturer of fiber cement products for the construction industry. The company offers a wide range of durable products and solutions for facade, roofing, interior and building construction.

Swisspearl has 5 production sites in Europe, in addition to approximately 20 warehouse and sales companies. The company uses the ERP system Dynamic AX 2012.

ERP project with common goals

The Dynamics AX project ONE CEMBRIT aims to make the company even stronger, break down silos and ensure that all units help each other, support each other and think globally.

Simplicity and customers first

In the rollout, the ERP system is kept as standardized as possible, which means that there is only one format coming out of Dynamics AX.

Joacim Broth is responsible for the processes around the ERP system and the implementation of added systems such as Lasernet. He explains “Our main focus is the customers. We think everything from a ‘customers first’ perspective”.

Professional branding

The company’s fiber cement solutions are important design elements, which is why the branding of Swisspearl is important. “The first thing our customers see after we have made deals is our order confirmations, delivery notes or invoices,” explains Joacim Broth.

One solution fits all markets

“It was crucial that our document management solution could work for all customers in terms of our branding and how our documents should look. Lasernet is great because we can use it for all markets,” he continues.

“It’s the same people we talk to every time at Tabellae. I don’t need a lot of people, I only need the people who are dedicated to the task and easy to reach”

Joacim Broth, ONE CEMBRIT Manager, Swisspearl A/S


  • Cost-effective rollout across countries
  • Easy updating across the market
  • Professional branding via customer documents
  • Fast collaboration with Tabellae

Lasernet handles the differences

“The countries work very differently. We use Lasernet to handle some of the differences in our EDI communication. Now we only have one format from Dynamic AX. It’s much easier when we need to update Dynamix AX with regular releases.”

Direct communication with dedicated people

Joacim Broth really likes working with Tabellae. “We have a structure where we have direct communication. It’s very fast. It’s the same people we talk to every time, and that’s very important to me. I don’t need a lot of people, I only need the people who are dedicated to the task and easy to reach.”


“Lasernet is a tool that helps us to be very fast and flexible, so we are ready for the changes that come in the future,” concludes Joacim Broth.