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Customer cases

“A cost-effective and flexible package solution”

Koskisen got an output management solution that integrates between IT systems and improves collaboration across the company. This sets the stage for big savings in the future. further automation.

About Koskisen

The Finnish Koskisen Oy Group sources wood, produces and sells wood products and has a wide range of business areas related to wood: production of plywood, sawn wood, particleboard and wood products, but also house building and biofuels. The company has 1087 employees across 6 business areas and uses multiple ERP systems. Lasernet Output Management is currently integrated to Digia Enterprise and AX.

Wanted: Flexibility and integration

Logging, sawmill, wood production, house building, biofuel and more. Koskisen’s many business areas work very differently and are currently managed by 4 different ERP systems. IT’s goal is to automate and streamline processes so that employees can focus on delivering quality products and high service. A prerequisite for this work is that the business areas can collaborate across the board. Therefore, the company was looking for a system that could integrate with the ERP and CRM systems of the other business areas that generate documents.

Wanted: Best of breed

“We weren’t looking for a system that could do it all, but one where document management is the core function. It also had to support different data formats and be easy to use,” says Teemu Similä, ICT System Manager. Previously, output management was built into the ERP system, but this meant that the different documents in the different areas could not ‘talk to each other’”.

“IT is very much about trust. Tabellae know what they are doing, are easy to work with, interested in our business and always ready to help”

Teemu Similä, ICT-System Manager, Koskisen Oy


  • Cost-effective solution
  • Improved collaboration between business areas thanks to integration between IT systems
  • Efficient output management in a changing IT environment
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Trusting collaboration

A cost-effective ‘package deal’

“Our project manager highly recommended Lasernet as he had worked with it before, and we haven’t regretted it – we’ve gained much more than just document management. The dialog with Tabellae was quickly on the right track. They really know what they are doing, are easy to work with, genuinely interested in our business and always ready to help if we have challenges. We have a cost-effective ‘package deal’ with the Lasernet software and consulting services in the right dose”.

“We got the best solution on the market without paying more”

Today, sales support functions have been streamlined and manual archiving is a thing of the past. “If we had coded everything in the ERP system instead, we would have been dependent on the provider. Now we can make changes faster and much cheaper, so we actually feel like we’ve got the best solution on the market without paying more. With IT, it’s all about trust. In Tabellae, we have a partner with a business understanding that we have great confidence in.”

Even greater savings on the horizon

In the future, we will automate our processes even more. Among other things, we will receive incoming customer orders via Lasernet, so that Sales does not have to enter the orders in the ERP system manually. Therefore, we intend to involve Tabellae even more in the future. The solution has huge potential to give us major automation savings. We intend to take advantage of this, and it is important that we use the most skilled experts”.