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SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Microsoft’s free built-in tool for simple finance projects

Microsoft SQL Reporting Services: For simple document management

MS SQL Server Reporting Services, also known as SSRS, is used to code ERP reports such as quotes, orders and invoices in standard Dynamics 365.

SSRS is Microsoft’s built-in server-based document management tool. It is managed via a web browser and can create and deliver various interactive and printed reports.

The tool is useful when there are very few external reports in minor variations.

What can you do with SSRS?

SSRS enables the design, production and development of formatted reports with tables of data, graphs and charts. It consists of five main components:

  1. Reporting Services: Interacts with other components and plays a crucial role in data processing, implementation, etc.
  2. Reporting Server: Two databases, called report server and report server tempdb, store the report definition data.
  3. Report Manager: Web-based application that interacts with the report server’s web services and allows viewing of the reports’ data and management.
  4. Report Designer: This is a publishing tool hosted by Business Intelligence Development Studio (BUDS) or Visual Studio and is used to create, customize and deploy SSRS reports.
  5. Report Builder: Report publishing is performed on the customer’s computer, creating ad-hoc end-user reports via drag-and-drop functionality. Report Manager can access it.

SSRS is typically used by ERP consultants or internal resources who can code and maintain business documents themselves.

Microsoft’s built-in tool, SSRS, is ideal for business documents:

  • with a fixed, minimalist layout
  • optimized for printing PDF and Word files
  • that only come in a few variations
Is SSRS right for you?

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Lennart Garbarsch, Partner