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Formpipe Lasernet

The Swiss Army Knife that solves every problem imaginable

Formpipe Lasernet: The Swiss Army Knife

Lasernet by Formpipe is a flexible best-in-class standard software that makes it easy to create, design, format and distribute outbound business documents in any format. Lasernet is a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ that solves any problem now – and in the future as your business evolves.

  1. Easy everyday handling thanks to an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface that ensures design and layout changes for print or electronic distribution are quick, simple and accurate.
  2. Scalability: New markets, devices, document variants, etc. are handled flexibly and cost-effectively.
  3. Easy customization for individual recipients.
  4. Can be used as a replacement for all existing SSRS reports.
  5. Can be used to create new reports without coding.
  6. Automatic testing of reports that support the “Evergreen” paradigm.

Lasernet facilitates features such as:

  • Faster upgrading of ERP systems.
  • Easier maintenance of visual identity.
  • Archiving and scanning.
  • More effective management of applicable legislation and standards.
  • Efficient distribution of documents. Lasernet is well suited for optimizing processes and has a unique integration with most ERP systems, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO and BC, SAP, Oracle, Visma, Infor M3 and more.

Lasernet is an on-premise, server-based application, so the customer must provide a Windows Server to host the Lasernet application. The server can be local or cloud-based. Lasernet software has costs in the form of a license fee based on the number of D365 users and environments.

Lasernet is an Enterprise Output Management Platform that covers all aspects of Output Management, not just the design and simple distribution of business documents from D365 without the need for X++ modifications to the standard application.

Lasernet has endless integration possibilities

Tabellae integrates the Output Management solution with CRM system, ERP system and SQL database, regardless of which ERP system you use or what business needs you have, e.g:

Integration and data exchange with other systems

Tabellae can integrate Lasernet Output Management solutions with many other systems and archiving solutions – in addition to the ERP system.
This allows you to exchange many types of data with other systems and enrich the ERP system with more data.

Integration and exchange of data is done efficiently and without coding. This means that the IT landscape is integrated in an automated and cost-effective way.

Is Lasernet right for you?

Contact me to set up a time for a pre-analysis to find out if Lasernet is the optimal solution for you

Lennart Garbarsch, Partner