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Customer cases

Output considered from the start makes ERP upgrades cheaper

Scanreco included Tabellae at the start of the ERP upgrade. This resulted in significant savings in both time and money.

About Scanreco

Scanreco has been developing and supplying reliable radio remote control systems to international crane and machine manufacturers in all parts of the world since the 1980s.

The company has a global presence and an expanding network of distributors and branches, and uses the ERP system AX 2012 R3.

Flexible and inexpensive implementation

“The earlier you think about Output Management, the more you save. I would definitely recommend others to implement it from the start,” says an enthusiastic Felix Söderberg, IT/IS Application Manager. “It has been a flexible way of working. We have been able to make do with relatively few development hours from Tabellae and at the same time have gained massive expertise.”

Professional Output was necessary

“When upgrading from Concord to AX 2012 R3, we realized that the standard documents in AX would be downright embarrassing to send out to customers. We needed much more refined invoices, order confirmations, purchase orders, etc. but it was clear that the customization costs for an AX consultant would be too much of a financial burden. Therefore, we had to get a professional Output Management system from the start.”

“It’s been a flexible way of working and we’ve been able to work with relatively few development hours”

Felix Söderberg, IT/IS Application Manager, Scanreco AB


  • Cheaper implementation thanks to lower time consumption
  • Fast support from Tabellae
  • Help for self-help
  • Professional layout
  • Document changes are made quickly

No limitations

As said, so done. Tabellae was chosen and the implementation went well. When the new ERP system went live, the Output Management part worked flawlessly.

Tabellae has trained Scanreco to become self-sufficient and has supported the company on an ongoing basis after the implementation, but overall, the number of hours has been kept to an absolute minimum. “We have received quick answers to our questions, they have been friendly and helpful and have solved our problems in a good way,” says Felix Söderberg.

Smooth document management in everyday life

“We wouldn’t have been able to handle our output so smoothly without Lasernet. The best thing is that there are no limitations. It’s really easy to create our own reports, extracts and layouts – and it’s easy to make both small and large customizations work. Today, for example, it only takes a few hours to create a completely new report from scratch. Without Lasernet, the same thing would probably take several days.”

Avoids expensive consultants

The implementation has also become significantly cheaper because the company has
been able to do most of it themselves. Approximately every 3 weeks, small changes need to be made to one or more documents. Previously, this required a lot of questions from employees, a lot of time and many hours of development. “Today, I can do it all myself and make the correction in 15 minutes. We don’t need expensive consultants, and I even find it fun to work with. We save both time and money because the system is so easy to use and the time from thought to action is so short. I don’t see how we could be where we are today without Lasernet and Tabellae,” concludes Felix Söderberg.